whites metal detectorsEstablished in 1950 Whites Metal Detectors LTD is no newcomer to the marketplace, yet up until recently have sort of been on the back burner, always there just never the number one detecting brand. Recently they’ve been releasing top metal detectors one after the other, so are they ready to be the number one in consumer metal detecting? Now boasting distributors all around the world they’ve really grown in popularity, but are their detectors any good? I’ve gone ahead and reviewed all the highest rated amount the Whites detector range, there are more options available but these are the top-rated. I will more certainly review the rest however it takes some time to get the products and also give them a fair test, if you would like me to review a certain product please get in touch and I will do my best.

White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector:

Currently the best seller from the White’s range, you can see why it is a hit with any budding detectorists out there. The LCD screen that comes fitted shows everything you need, allowing you to see the depth/sensitivity of what you’re finding whilst at the same time a simple button to increase it.

You may be surprised to hear that this detector comes with a waterproof box, this is unusual for an entry-level piece of kit. This allows you to take it almost anywhere, whilst we don’t recommend that you go underwater metal detecting with this, it is perfect for beach use.


  • Target ID-hear
  • Water-Resistant Box
  • Pinpoint Mode – This allows you to specifically locate anything you’re searching
  • Depth Reading – Normally on more advanced detectors this is a real-time save
  • Up to 8 Inches Scanning Depth


  • No Internal Battery – Whilst this isn’t a big problem, it does require 2 9V batteries

It is easy to see why this is becoming a very popular product, not only does it suit any newcomer, which the water-resistant box and also great depth reading it would suit any intermediate or advanced user also.

Whites Coinmaster with Waterproof 9' Spider Search Coil and Treasure Headphones
47 Reviews
Whites Coinmaster with Waterproof 9" Spider Search Coil and Treasure Headphones
  • Brand New In The Box White's Coinmaster with Waterproof 9" Spider Search Coil EXTRA! Treasure Headphones with 1/4” Angle Plug
  • 5-Range Discrimination Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Depth Reading as You Hunt Pinpoint/All Metal Mode
  • Rugged, Water Resistant Control Box Target ID
  • Adjustable Length: 46"-51" All Metal Audio: Non-VCO Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4 Headphone Batteries: 2 - 9 volt Battery Life: 20 Disc Audio: Silent Search Optional Coils: Coinmaster Family Standard Coil: 9" Number of Presets: 1 Frequency: 8 kHz

Whites TreasurePro Detector:

My personal favorite when it comes to the Whites detector range, more aimed towards the intermediate and experienced among us. It really had me wondering whether I should trade this in instead of my Ace 400 that I use almost daily when not testing new products.

The screen on this product is honestly probably the best of any detector I’ve used, the ability to plainly see what you’re finding makes it the best visual display I’ve seen. Clearly, you’re able to see the depth, sensitivity, battery and most importantly, what metal you have found. You are able to quickly adjust the search setting or sensitivity with instant feedback onto the clear LCD screen.

You can choose from two different programs depending on where you’re searching, they’re called “Coin & Jewelry and Beach” they could be more described as Beach and everywhere else. The main reasoning behind having a beach setting is to get around the mineralization and get over the difficult a lot of detectors have when dealing with saltwater. Not only does this come with a waterproof coil it has a setting designed to work perfectly on the beach.


  • 8 Different Sensitivity Modes – With easy to adjust buttons located on the box that comes with the TreasurePro
  • Multiple Programs – Coin & Jewelry and Beach
  • Ground Balance – This stops any false readings depending on the mineralization of the ground you’re scanning
  • Depth – Easy to understand depth control
  • Backlight – Unlike most LCD screens in the detecting field this comes with a backlight, perfect for sunny days


  • Depth – Whilst the average person will not want to dig over 10 inches, the TreasurePro doesn’t go much further and for me was a SMALL con.

This is my personal pick from the Whites metal detectors currently on the market, there are certainly more equipped models in their range which I will cover below but this combines simplicity and quality perfectly for me personally.

Whites TreasurePro Metal Detector with 10' DD Waterproof Coil and Dual Volume Control Headphones
26 Reviews
Whites TreasurePro Metal Detector with 10" DD Waterproof Coil and Dual Volume Control Headphones
  • 8 Audio Tones 5 Search Modes 49 Target ID Segments
  • 10" Double D search coil Adjustable arm rest Adjustable Discrimination
  • All-Metal Operation Automatic Ground Balance Beach Mode
  • Complete Versatility Full Two-year Warranty Lightweight Pinpoint Mode
  • Threshold Volume Control Waterproof Search Coil Weather Resistant

White’s Spectra VX3 Metal Detector:

Although not the highest specification detector Whites currently offer, it is the highest specification we’re going to review today. This detector did take some getting used to, it has a display unlike another other and I’m not sure if I like it, I will include a photo below. I’m sure for an expert this would make far more sense, but to me, it’s just too much.

What I was surprised at is how light it is for such an advanced model, normally the weight would increase along with the specifications. For some reason with this detector, it actually felt lighter than the TreasurePro whilst having more power at the same time.

The Spectra VX3 has 3 different frequency options, 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz, and 22.5kHz. Obviously, the mode you choose depends on what you’re searching for and where, if you’re looking for something that could be deep down than you’d want the higher frequency, naturally the lower would produce results closer to the surface. This is good if you are in a public area and cannot take up too much ground.

This model is powered by an 8-cell AA battery pack, which depending on how you look at it is positive or a negative. Sometimes it’s nice to just plug the equipment in and charge, whereas if you take out the rechargeable battery you have less to go wrong. I personally liked this, I’m a bit of a battery hoarder.

Features Of The VX3:

  • HD Color Display – Adjustable Backlight
  • Target ID
  • 8 Different Detecting Programs
  • On-Board Help – It helps you on the go
  • Waterproof Coil – Up to 2ft depth
  • Concentric Coil

Aimed at the advanced detectors out there this model really does tick all the boxes, I can personally see this is the next step for me in my journey. Whilst I’m not there yet, I hope to be very soon.

Spectra VX3 Whites Metal Detector Geared UP Bundle
2 Reviews
Spectra VX3 Whites Metal Detector Geared UP Bundle
  • Includes White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector with 9.5” Eclipse Waterproof Search Coil, DigMaster Digging Tool, Baseball Cap, Utility Pouch, ProStar Headphones, Batteries, NiCad Rechargeable Battery Kit, and a Two-Year Warranty
  • 3 Optimized Hunting Frequencies, 8 Key Features, 8 Preset Hunting Programs
  • Eclipse 9.5" Waterproof Coil, Four Audio Modes, High-Resolution Display
  • Live Control Bar, On-board Quick Reference Guide, Optional Tone ID
  • Pinpointing/Depth Reading, SpectraGraph Target Signature, Wireless Ready

As far as Whites metal detectors, they are very well built and am would recommend them to anybody looking for a metal detector, whether you’re just beginning or been at this great hobby for a number of years. There are more models out there but we’ve not had a chance to review them all yet, after seeing these I’m confident in the quality.