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What Is The Best Metal Detector For The Money?

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For this piece, I’m going to split the review up into 3 pieces. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. The reason I’m going to be doing this is the best metal detector for the money will be different depending on your skill/experience levels. Somebody who goes out everyday and makes a living off of their findings is going to have different needs to a hobbyist who goes out once a week or month.

Best Bang For Buck Metal Detector For Beginners

Firstly we have to look at your needs, at this level whether you’re just starting out or just go out occasionally as a hobby, you will just need a basic reliable bit of kit. There are many cheap alternatives to my recommendation but it’s important if you’re going to spend any decent amount of money on something to make sure it lasts. This is why I’m recommending the Garrett Ace 250, it’s how I started and I still have it today.

It’s a brilliant bit of kit, offering everything you need to pull metals from the ground. When beginning what else do you need?

Ace 250 Features:

  • Large Scanning Area – Using it’s 10 inch scanning area it gives you a far greater chance of finding something than other budget detectors.
  • Simple Rugged Design – There is very little to go wrong with the 250, it’s simple and rugged. I’ve dropped mine plenty of times and it has also passed the child test!
  • Guarantee – Garrett have always been my favorite company, I’ve never hid that! But their customer service really stood out for me, I had a problem after my warranty had gone and they still fixed it for me no problem.

Garrett Ace 250

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This is about where I’m at personally here, which is why I feel most qualified to recommend you what I’m using and why I’ve picked this certain product. For me price is still important, I don’t have the money to spend thousands on my detectors. This is why I went with the Garrett Ace 400 metal detector.

Features of the Ace 400:

  • Iron Audio – Most of my finds seem to be coins and bottle caps, I quite enjoy finding them now and this feature helps me identify which finds are worth digging and those that aren’t.
  • Adjustable Frequency – This is something a lot of budget detectors could do with, they sell you on the highest frequency but all this does is bring in a lot of interference. This feature will give your ears a rest whilst helping you be more accurate.
  • Coin depth indicator – This is amazing! No longer are you digging for ages looking for the find! Now this model tells you roughly how deep it is, no longer am I giving up wonder how bloody deep do I have to dig!

Garrett Ace 400

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This is where things get a little tricky, most people when they get to this stage have certain conditions that they favor so get something more suited to that, makes sense right?

Well this is the detectors I’m going to be getting next!

Minelab CTX 3030

This is high level equipment and something I’m hoping to get this year, I’ve done a full write up you can read for more information.

Minelab CTX 3030

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read, I think it is important to get value for money in this day and age. I hope you have found my thoughts useful, let me know if you have any other recommendations below, I’m always interested in other peoples experiences with these.

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