tesoroTesoro metal detectors may not be a common name for new fans of metal detecting, but it is one of the classics that have some loyal users. The company was started in 1980 to provide premium quality bounty finders that are durable and lightweight. It has held well through time even with new entrants in the market since it is reliable and you can trust that it does its job well.

Metal detectors by Tesoro are great for both children and adults, so it is an excellent device, whether you are a beginner or experienced. Many of the products by the company have a simple interface, so if you are not a fan of the many buttons and operations that modern brands are about, it is an excellent fit. It is an excellent tool that you will often find yourself going back to every time. Read on to learn more about this unique brand of metal detectors.

What are the features of Tesoro Metal Detectors?

The most important thing to check for in your choice of metal detector is finding out what they have to offer in comparison with what you need. Tesoro has simple operations, so the features may not be as many, but it gets you what you need. The following are the notable features of Tesoro metal detectors.

Simple interface

A major selling point for this brand is that most of their devices are made with the user in mind. For this reason, they have elementary operations, and the controller doesn’t even require you to read a manual to understand it. Everything has its place and is well labeled so you can quickly find what you need.

Some of the devices by the company come with only one adjustable knob, so it is really basic. While the metal detectors are quite simple, this doesn’t sacrifice their quality. They are some of the best-rated, and many fans use these products for finding the rarest and smallest of finds.


This is where everything happens, and Tesoro doesn’t disappoint such that while it is simple, you have essential controls. It has different modes available for many of its models that allow you to filter out the trash, so you get what you’re looking for.

It has a silent option that is important when you’re doing a late night or early morning searching. The discrimination setting allows you to only pick up signals from the items you need. The final mode is the all-metal one that gives you a chance to get a sign from all types of metals in the area. It is quick and straightforward to set the modes that you want; all you need is to turn a switch and get searching.


if you are looking for a reliable metal detector regardless of whether you are highly experienced or not, Tesoro has a wide range of affordable options. Since many of them have straightforward designs, they tend to be much cheaper than other devices in the same level.

It is a great brand to choose if you are a beginner, and you want to get the most out of your search. It is a competent device for using almost anywhere, including underwater for some models. If you would like a tool with the best features, you will find that the price is much lower than similar devices from other companies.

Lifetime Warranty

it is normal for machines to have issues, which is why the warranty is essential, but one benefit that you will get with all of Tesoro devices is the lifetime Warranty. It covers any fixes and parts that you may need, with some limitations, of course.

However, this warranty only applies when the original owner still has it, so if you sell the device or give it away, the new owner may not benefit from it.

Best Tesoro Detectors in the Market

Being such an old company, it has a wide selection of devices to suit your needs. If you are set on getting a metal detector by this company, then you may be confused by the variety, but here is a guide to help you get started.

Tesoro Vaquero

Many of the products are known to perform incredibly well, but they usually are quite lightweight. This is what the Vaquero i is made to take care of all your exploration needs without weighing you down. It has a simple controller as is synonymous with many of these devices with easy to understand operations.

The Vaquero has both knob and button operations that make it easy for you to navigate when you are out on the field. The three and three quarters ground balance feature is one of the unique advantages of this detector as it allows the sensor to adapt to the type of soil. This makes it easier to maintain control for it to filter out the useless metals that may be in the earth, so your search is more straightforward.

It also has a separate discrimination knob that allows it only to detect what you need, so you don’t end up picking up on lots of trash. This, combined by the pinpointer, is one of the best combinations so you can get plenty of finds in a short time.

Its depth detection is one of the best you can find without the use of a separate pinpointer. It can find items that are up to 10 inches underground, so you better prepare yourself for some digging. The Vaquero is a mid-range detector that should serve you perfectly.

Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector with 11' x 8' Search Coil and
2 Reviews
Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector with 11" x 8" Search Coil and
  • Features: MicroMAX Design, VLF 14 kHz Frequency, One Drop-in 9V Battery
  • Variable Threshold, 3 3/4 Turn External Ground Balance, Ultra-lightweight Design, 11" x 8" Monolithic Coil, 3-Piece Knockdown Pole
  • Specifications: Operating Frequency - 14.3 kHz, 14.5 kHz, 14.7 kHz, Searchcoil Type - Widescan, Searchcoil Size - 11" x 8", Searchcoil Family - Delta
  • Cable Length - Approx. 3', Audio Frequency - Approx. 293 Hz or VCO, Audio Output - 1 1/2" speaker and headphone jack, Headphone Compatibility - 1/4" stereo plug, Weight (may vary slightly) - 2.2 lbs
  • Battery Requirement - One 9 Volt DC (alkaline), Battery Life (typical) - 10 to 20 hours, Optimum Temp. Range - 30° to 100° F, Optimum Humidity - 0 to 75% R.H., Operating Modes - Threshold-based All Metal, Silent Search Discriminate, Pinpoint Mode - All Metal Fast Auto-Tune

Tesoro Compadre

tesoro metal detectorTesoro metal detectors are non-fussy and straightforward, but if you would like to take it a notch higher, then the Compadre is the most compact in the selection. It weighs less than two pounds so you know it has the essentials and it is generally smaller so it may be suitable for experienced kids.

The controller is as straightforward as it gets as it only has one knob that is used for everything. The knob is used for improving discrimination when you are searching in an area with a lot of junk. When on the all-metal mode, it works in silence at a 12kHz frequency, which is very powerful, so you won’t need to do much work when using it.

It is excellent for searching for most types of metals and relics, including gold. Just as other models by the company, you get to choose one of two coil sizes, eight-inch and 5.75 one. If you plan on using it in cramped up spaces, then the smaller coil is excellent, but the eight inches can help you cover more ground so you could get both.

On the downside, this metal detector doesn’t have ground balance, so it may be a bit more challenging to maintain control. However, the device is made for beginners to mid-level users, which is why it is an excellent choice for children. For a device that costs less than $200, it is is an excellent buy.

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ

If you are a professional metal detecting enthusiast, then you need a more specialized device that will allow you to achieve your goals. The SuperTRAQ is one of the best high-end detectors that you can get without having to spend thousands of dollars on it. As it packs more, it is a bit heavier than other Tesoro devices but not to worry as it’s still very light at 3.5 pounds so you can search for hours without getting tired.

Just as you must expect by now is the simple design, but that shouldn’t worry you since it may look weal, but it is a giant in finding pretty much anything. It has a 10-inch coil that is perfect for scanning a wide area thanks to its 17.5kHz frequency.

It is a bit more technical than other models as it is more specialized thanks to its computerized tracking, making it perfect if you are on a gold hunt. It has discrimination as well that works perfectly on the device by declining all signals from junk that you don’t need. It may be a bit disappointing if you are used to detectors with a screen, as even this model doesn’t have one.

The threshold control is another excellent feature so you can concentrate in a particular location and block other mixed signals out. It also has three tracking modes depending on where you go exploring. You can tune it to alkali, standard, or black sand.

The SuperTRAQ is made to handle all sorts of terrain from very rough, muddy, and even wet ground. The coil is durable, so don’t expect that it will give in to some light bumping and bouncing. It also has excellent depth so it can detect objects that are underground; hence it is excellent for searching through abandoned grounds for relics.

Tesoro Cibola

The Cibola gives you a mix of precision with an easy to operate controller so you can spend more time finding relics and not learning about the device. It is the perfect companion whose silent discrimination mode is one of the best that you can find. It handles blocking out trash such as bottle caps, but it can detect anything you need that is covered by metals such as iron.

It is also lightweight at just about two pounds so you can carry it over long distances and search over any terrain without straining your arm. If you are a fan of the LCD or LED screen, this may not be the best detector for you. However, this is one of the reasons that the devices are so light, so it can be viewed as fair trade.

It operates at a high frequency of 14kHz that is perfect for detecting all types of metals, including tiny pieces of gold and silver.  It is a turn on and go kind of device as it doesn’t require much tuning; hence it is perfect for beginners and children as well.

You also get the pinpoint button on this device that allows you to detect the smallest of relics, and with excellent depth, you can find objects underground. On the downside is that it can be quite loud if you are searching in a residential area at night or early morning. For this reason, it is best to get a pair of headphones, that will also help you distinguish the signal sounds.

The pole is extendable, making it suitable for everyone. You also get two coil options with this device that are 9 and 11 inches. Both are equally capable. It all depends on how large a searching path you need as well as the ground to be covered.

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

This is a slightly cheaper model at less than $300 that offers you the same excellent features that you expect from Tesoro with an even better performance. It works with a moderate frequency of 10kHz that allows it to detect moderately large metal particles.

One of the features you will appreciate on this is that it has mineral filtering that is perfect for rejecting any metals that don’t benefit you. It has pretty basic controls that make it excellent for beginners and children.

The coil is 8 inches, which makes it wide enough for searching a moderately large area without straining too much. It also has excellent depth detection, and it can signal for objects that are underground up to a couple of inches, but you may need to use a pinpointer for better accuracy. You can also adjust sensitivity to either narrow in on a find or expand your search.

It is one of the most useful modes on this affordable device since it enables you to find your relics faster. On the downside, it may seem very basic for the price, so you may be reluctant to buy. However, the accuracy that you get is more than you will find for a cheaper metal detector.

Tesoro Sand Shark

If you are big on searching for metals underwater, then this Sand Shark metal detector is what you need. Many of the other models are mostly water-resistant, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to go deep diving with them. It is also another mid to slightly high range device that uses pulse induction to find objects in the water.

Since it uses pulse induction, it doesn’t have a discrimination setting. It is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater, but it is more suited for your days in the ocean since it conducts better and tracks objects much faster. The sand shark can be used deep underwater up to 200 feet; hence, it is suitable for scuba diving enthusiasts that want to find treasures in or on the ocean floor.

You get two modes for pinpointing you in the direction, which is the VCO and normal mode. VCO offers you a higher pitch and louder sounds compared to normal. This is useful when you are searching, which is perfect if your hearing is not that great underwater.

The controller is well constructed, such that it is fully submersible in water. A welcome addition to this incredible device is that it also comes with headphones that you can use underwater. This ensures that you can hear clearly, and you may not need to use the VCO mode. One thing that you should note is that the frequency the coil emits may attract some sea animals such as dolphins in oceans where they are common.

Pros of Tesoro Metal Detectors

Now that you know some of the models by Tesoro that may completely transform your metal detecting experience, you need to know what you are getting with these devices. There are many great and unique aspects of Tesoro, so there is plenty to look forward to.


Many excellent quality metal detectors are quite expensive, and you may end up spending thousands of dollars on a single device, not including accessories. However, the high-end devices from Tesoro are unique, but won’t empty your bank account. Considering that it has the same features as those expensive machines, and in some cases even better, they are a great bargain.

Variety of Modes

A metal detector is as good as the options it gives you. The number, type, and accuracy of the modes available in a device make all the difference when you are exploring. Almost all Tesoro machines have a discrimination knob that allows you to block out signals that you don’t want. It is the most important of all, but also settings for the type of soil and strength of signal are equally necessary, and different devices offer this.

High Frequency

Most of the devices have a high frequency of no less than 10kHz, which is essential for your search. A higher frequency allows you to find different types of metals, including precious metals such as gold. It also allows you to find the smallest particles, which is excellent since you can combine specs to create a more significant piece.


For those that enjoy going out in the fields for long distances or even hiking, you know that a bulky device is the worst. This is because you may have to keep it in your bag until you are in an area where you are most likely to get some treasures. However, many of Tesoro metal detectors are lightweight and don’t weigh more than four pounds. This allows always to have it working so you don’t miss out on some interesting finds along the way.

Suitable for all ages

Most, if not all, of the metal detectors, are quite simple to operate that you won’t need to read the manual. This is excellent because it makes it perfect for anyone to use, including children, so if you want to invest in quality devices for your children, this company is the best. Since you can also adjust the height, it is excellent for both tall and short people.

Excellent Depth

Often when you want to find objects underground, you must dig and use a pinpointer to get the relic. However, most Tesoro metal detectors don’t need this since they can signal when objects are underground up to about 10 to 12 inches, which is great since it saves you costs. They also have pinpoint capabilities, so you can be sure you are all sorted with the device.

Cons of Tesoro Metal Detectors

While the devices from Tesoro are excellent quality at the right price, they have a few negatives that you should have in mind when purchasing any.

No screen

One of the most significant letdowns of Tesoro is that most of their devices don’t have any screen that shows you what is happening. If you are used to this feature in your metal detectors, you may have a difficult time adjusting. However, the lack of this allows them to make it lighter, and it doesn’t affect how well it performs, so you will still be fine without one.

Not physically appealing

Some people need to have good looking devices, and if you fall into this group, then Tesoro may not be for you. The outlook of the metal detector is fundamental, and some may describe it as being outdated, so it is not their strong point, but remember that this doesn’t affect how well it works.

In Conclusion

For metal detecting enthusiasts who have been looking for a different yet high functioning metal detector, Tesoro fits the bill perfectly. It may not be your conventional device, and it doesn’t look like one, but the quality is unmatched even for the cheaper machines. It has so many pros over other brands, and the cons are just a matter of preference, so it doesn’t do too badly. The lifetime warranty is one of its more attractive features that covers you for as long as you have it. If you need an excellent detector to get you started or even a more proper backup, consider Tesoro, and you won’t be disappointed.