If you’re looking for the offers on the latest metal detectors for sale, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s 2019 before we all buy anything now we look for the best price for anything. Why would it be any different with metal detectors? We’ve gone through all the effort of searching for the best prices out on all the best metal detectors for sale.

Metal Detectors For Sale 2020

There may be many of you that are looking for second have equipment with the idea that it may save you money. I’d like to explain why I wouldn’t buy a metal detector from a second-hand dealer and give their reasoning if you do buy a second-hand detector please get in touch and let us know how you got on with it.

Reason’s Not To Buy Second Hand:

  • Warranty – Most if not all of the major brands don’t pass on warranties and do you have any idea what the previous owner was doing with the detector before they sold it?
  • How has it been used? – Most detectors are designed for a particular use, for example using a non waterproof coil in water might not break it straight away,  it may be something that shows up after you have purchased.
  • Instructions – This may be just for any newcomer, or perhaps you’re buying a more expensive detector if so refer to the other points! If you’re new to the game a quick start guide might be invaluable, although we recommend everybody refers to our detecting guide, it does not help you with specific detectors.

Perhaps you can think of some more? There is also the pain of finding somebody local to pick it up from, or risk having the product damaged in the transform and not being able to get a refund or exchange. Maybe you can tell that I like buying things new?

Reasons To Buy Second Hand:

  • Price – There really isn’t any other reason to buy second hand, it’s just a money saving exercise. We all need money so if you’re going to buy second hand we recommend you buy from somebody you know and trust, or local so if you run into problems you can speak to them in person.

What Do We Recommend?

metal detectors for saleHopefully, if you’ve made it this far you have been able to figure out our stance on getting the best deal for you, the cheapest is not always the best option. Nor do we want anybody to pay more for something than they can. Above you will see the highest rated metal detectors for sale on the market at the moment, we’ve gone through the effort of finding the best deals out at the moment.

We keep all of our offer links up to date so rest assured any offer we send you is the best out there at the time. There are many detectors out there that are unreliable and not worth the effort, we ignore these products. If you want to get into this hobby nothing will infuriate you more than a product that is not doing what it is supposed to. This is why we stand by all of our reviews, we don’t recommend low-quality equipment.

When this site was started it was just me and my detector helping people to understand how they can get more out of their searches, since then I’ve been lucky enough to test the best detectors out on the market and have a wealth of knowledge. I feel that buying the right metal detector is half the battle.

Whether you decide to go new or second-hand, good luck. Let us know about any findings you have!

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