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NHI ForagerGo Waterproof Metal Detector Review

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If you are already an enthusiastic metal treasure hunter, you may know the frustration of spending hours of extra time, building up a sweat while digging up what turns out to be worthless garbage in the form of scrap iron when what you were hoping for (or dreaming of) is precious metals.

If you’ve experienced the confusion of sorting out what areas of ground are providing false readings and which area is actually hiding the treasure you are searching for, then you’ve found your answer.

In addition to reliability, there is also an enormous demand for quality, inexpensive metal detectors. If you are just getting into this fascinating hobby, you may not realize yet just how expensive it can get.

To make your entrance into this exciting world even more manageable, we’ve taken the time to test several different models for you. After evaluating a number of models and compared their assets to cost of purchase, we invite you to try the best metal detector for the money on the market today, the NHI ForagerGO.

Each item of this set is aimed to provide as much comfort and convenience as possible. From the metal shaft that is fully adjustable to the arm-supporting comfort handle, this metal detector is easy for people of all sizes, ages, and levels of experience to utilize in the hunt for secret treasure lost over time.

We’ve put together this review so you will have all the information you need at your disposal to make an educated decision. Then when you are ready, you’ll know that you are gaining an exciting, yet frugal purchase for yourself or a loved one who is eager to enter the world of metal treasure detection.

NHI ForagerGo Waterproof Metal Detector Key Features

There are a number of the key features that make this particular detector distinctive. The NHI ForagerGO has a lot to like.

• A lightweight design that makes it easy for all users, even younger children.
• Easy assembly and disassembly to make transport and storage very convenient.
• Simple to use – there won’t be any need to read complicated assembly or use manuals.
• Includes a 5-in-1 folding shovel
• Beginner’s guide to assist the newbie in getting up to speed faster.
• The ergonomic adjustable shaft design makes it easy for anyone to handle.
• Comfort grip handle allows for excellent control as you hunt. Also prevents your hand from becoming fatigued too quickly, a primary concern of many new hunters as they get accustomed to the equipment.
• An easily adjustable one-touch auto-tune setting for quick configuration.
• Both digital visual and audio feedback displays to make detection for accurate and eliminate excessive guesswork. This dual feedback also helps negate the extra work of digging needlessly.
Pinpoint design guarantees that you’ll be able to quickly uncover objects as soon as you are able to detect them
• Earphone jack.
• Adjustable volume and sensitivity settings.
• 7.5″ waterproof search coil.
• Water resistant aluminium housing.
• Requires 2 x 9v Batteries that are not included.
• 1-year warranty provides peace of mind just in case you have issues or need any replacements.

Who Is the NHI ForagerGo Waterproof Metal Detector Designed For?

The short answer? Everyone. With all of its astounding design features the ForagerGO waterproof metal detector is an excellent option for all levels of skill and interest. It not only has a price that will appeal to the budget conscious but its light weight makes it a great choice for any size person. Young or old, big or small, the NHI ForagerGo waterproof metal detector is a great universal tool for any treasure hunter.

Pros of the ForagerGo

• The inexpensive price tag makes it within reach of anyone’s budget.
• Lightweight Design
• Ergonomic Design
• Auto-tune prevents excessive adjustments and configurations.
• Waterproof feature allows use near water, like at the beach
• A 72-page beginners guide.
• Folding digging tool included.
• Great for all ages and skill levels.

Cons of the ForagerGo

• The waterproof feature does not equal underwater use. Use only on land.
• Batteries are not included.
• The beginner’s guide is just that, for beginners. If you’ve been treasure hunting for more than a month or two, you probably won’t learn anything new.

Final Thoughts

Until recently, it could be very difficult to find a high-quality metal detector that was lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and didn’t cost the earth.

Not anymore.

We like the ForagerGo Waterproof Metal Detector because of its high-quality features, the versatility it offers, and of course, its value. By far it’s one of the easiest to use detectors on the market, making it a snap for any treasure hunter to get started.

Its affordability makes it a clear choice for a fantastic metal detector under $200, or even over $200!

The product comes complete with everything you could need, and its fine-tuning capabilities will allow you to tune out false signals even if you are working over an area of land that’s dense with natural minerals and other types of untouchable metal.

You will be able to configure your ForagerGo waterproof metal detector to direct you to items that other detectors have people wandering around in circles.

For more information or to buy the ForagerGo please go here.

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