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Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector Review


Minelab CTX 3030 was first introduced to the market in 2012. To ensure that the product serves its users better, the version was updated in January 2016.

The newest version is a great improvement from was used to be in the revered metal detector.

Some noticeable improvements that you are going to observe in this updated version include the improved battery sand seal. The product now has a sand seal battery. This enhances the efficiency because it reduces the ingress of sand that could affect the internal waterproofing device.

It’s interesting to see a company that finds a product that is a success and continues to improve it, it’s why we love Fisher products. The only issue is when purchasing to make sure it is new stock.

Overall Opinion Of The Minelab CTX 3030

Another improvement in the newest version is the new armrest lock. To ensure that the device serves its users better it was initially fitted with a turn mechanism, however, this was replaced in the improved version with a push mechanism. This enhances its metal detecting ability. It is believed that it would be more efficient, because it enhances the reliability of the system. Moreover, it makes it easier for the system to be adjusted.

Another important addition is the inclusion of the new mechanical design improved waterproofing system. This enhances the quality of services the system provides. If you own the previous version, you can upgrade to the newest version to enjoy the added benefits.

There is no doubt that Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector is the amazing product that people were waiting for. It has something fantastic to offer to both new users and experienced users as well. It is a perfect choice for most people, because of the advanced features. These features simply enhance the functionality, and you can hardly equate its service with any other products on the market.

If you are looking for the superior detector that can discover the hidden and even lost treasures, CTX 3030 is the right product for you. If you want to search any of the precious metals such as silver coins, gold, platinum, rings of gold, gold jewelry, silver, diamonds, rubies, as well as emerald, and several others, Minelab CTX 3030 is fitted with the right features to detect those metals from the ground, under the water or any other place it might be located.

CTX 3030 is unique because it can detect metal in any type of soil. Even if they were hidden in areas that are heavily mineralized, you are sure of discovering these metals using the detector. The detector is fitted with unique, versatile features and that is why it can be used easily, it searches everywhere even in salty sea water, highly magnetic surfaces and beneath beach sand and so on, the metal detector will detect these metals wherever they are located.

Perhaps, the most important thing that you are going to like about this detector is that it is simple and very easy to use. You can just simply turn it on, and you are ready to go. Apart from the fact that it is fitted with different automatic functions, it has five preset search modes. This makes it easy and simply to operate. Even beginners are not going to find it hard to get started with the product.

It is fitted with advanced features and these features are not difficult to access when you need them most. For the experienced treasure hunter, it is a simply a push of the button to reap the results.

Minelab CTX 3030

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Features Of The Minelab CTX 3030

Here are some of the great features that make the metal detector better than similar products in the market. The most important among that is waterproofed body. You do not need to worry about the device being destroyed by water, because it is waterproofed. The metal detector can work up to ten feet inside the water. This is unique; several detectors cannot offer this possibility. For the fact that it has versatile features means that even if you go inside the sea, it can detect any type of metal available within the ten feet perimeter.

GPS Locating features

This metal detector uses Navigation tool and Map screen to determine where the user has already being, and the next place to go. Furthermore, the detector provides for PC mapping using Google maps. With its exchange 2 application, you can simply upload your treasure location, as well as detector settings to your PC. With its wireless audio, you can easily detect hidden treasures without attaching your headphones to the system. This detector offers you the choice of detecting metals using headphones or through an inbuilt speaker system. It is equally fitted with FBS2 technology. This helps you to discover more targets in the ground. This is possible, because the FBS2 system uses coil to detector communication system and many frequency transmissions at the same time.

CTX 3030 Features

Ferrous and Conductivity for target resolution, as well as adjustable tone ID profiles. This facilitates its ability to reject as well as accept targets. It enhances precise and accurate detection, because of its Target Separation and Target Trace features. This can also assist you to detect multiple targets at the same time.

Full Color Display

It helps you to read and understand the target information displayed on its LCD screen because of the full color display. This further helps the discrimination capacity of the metal detector.

Smart Functions

Most importantly, you will discover that the metal detector has quick menus and facilitates its functions. Some of the smart functions this can perform include noise cancel, sensitivity, audio ground control, as well as customizable user button. These facilitate fast changes if you want to make it. Moreover, its quick menus offer you an easy access to the on the adjustments and so on.

Ergonomic design

Perhaps, the most important thing that you are going to like in this product is the ergonomic design. You will notice that the product has a balanced design. The battery weight is felt around the armrest, and this facilitates easy detecting. If you like, you can adjust it to suit what you want to use it for.

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