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Metal Detector Accessories Under $50

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As there are so many different metal detectors to choose from this article will not focus on specific accessories for specific brands/models. Rather this is a list of the top general accessories that any metal hunter could do with. Each accessory is under $50 but packs a bang for the buck. Let’s jump into it:

1. SE GP2-14 Stackable Sifting Pan Mesh

This sifting pan mesh has terrific reviews – it’s patented with the SE (Sona Enterprises) logo, which lets you know it’s genuinely sourced. You can use it to filter out the large and worthless debris while sorting through your find, leaving the smaller pieces for classification. If you’re hunting for gold this pan will help you to filter material methodically – also filter based on the size of gold you’re expecting to come across in your location.

This should be a quite rugged sifting pan as it’s made of tough plastic – it’s lightweight and stackable. Choose a selection of individual meshes and stack them in a sequence (widest meshing in the top – they range in size from 1⁄2 inch to 1/100 inches). SE also sells a paired bucket, which you can pour the material you’ve harvested into over the meshes that fit over it in sequence like stackable bin lids.

Next, twist the lids, loosening the collected materials – you’ll see them fall down onto lower levels. The mesh will automatically screen out the materials in size phases (classifications), which you can analyze one by one if you also have something like a grated bowl (reviewed next product down – #2) that you swirl water into (gold is heavier and so will fall to the bottom of the bowl). This really can be considered an essential accessory for professional gold hunters – allowing for routine speed and efficiency, and maximizing success during the many hours spent on the search.

SE 5-Piece Set of Patented Stackable 13-¼” Sifting Pans - GP2-5 SET
5,427 Reviews
SE 5-Piece Set of Patented Stackable 13-¼” Sifting Pans - GP2-5 SET
  • Top diameter of each pan: 13-1/4”
  • Mesh screen sizes: 1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 1/12", 1/20"
  • Wire thickness: 1.4 mm, 0.95 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.45 mm, 0.35 mm
  • Stackable design that sits nicely in a 5-gallon bucket
  • U.S. Patent Number: D666086
2. SE GP1014G14 – 14″ Green Plastic Gold Pan with Two Types of Riffles

Gold is often found in tiny quantities perhaps of only a gram in weight, which can make it pretty tricky to see it once you’ve found it. Trying to differentiate between rocks, soil and gold with your fingers is an experiment in intense

frustration. This pan however, has two types of riffles, or ridges, along its inside that allow you to trap gold. All you need to do is swirl water and tip out gradually, which will separate finer bits of collected earth and debris from any gold contained (as gold is denser than soil/typical debris). Gold that you trap will appear underneath the bottommost ridge of the pan.

Overall – it’s an extremely rugged design. Expect this to last a long time, even with water use, as of course plastic does not rust or corrode. Another advantage of plastic is that it’s lightweight – SE also say the color will not fade, allowing you to easily see the color gold against the deep green pan (also comes in deep blue or black).

SE 14' Green Plastic Gold Pan with Two Types of Riffles - GP1014G14
2,662 Reviews
SE 14" Green Plastic Gold Pan with Two Types of Riffles - GP1014G14
  • Diameter: 14"
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: green
  • 1/8" deep round base to better trap gold
  • Two different types of riffles: shallow and deep


3. Stansport Snuffer Bottle, 4-Ounce

Very simple product and works well with a gold pan or sluice. I happen to think it’s a cool name – “snuffer” – think of this product as like an anteater sucking up little flakes of gold. Using it will make extracting the very fine pieces of gold, caught by your bowl, just part of the routine. 4-ounce capacity.

Stansport Snuffer Bottle, 4-Ounce
560 Reviews
Stansport Snuffer Bottle, 4-Ounce
  • Designed to help you suck out small flecks of gold from material
  • Features a long-nose suction
  • Has a 4 oz. capacity
  • The bottle is clear so you can easily see what you have collected
  • Durable and long lasting

4. High Sensitivity Metal Detector Earbuds – Universal Replacement In-Ear Headphones (With Bonus Case & 3 Bud Sets For Secure Fit)


Headphones can do well in blocking out external sounds but can become sweaty and uncomfortable in hot conditions, particularly when you’ve been out for several hours on difficult terrain. These in-ear earbuds bridge the gap between the freedom of earphones and the noise-cancelling ability of closed-cup headphones, so that only your own detector is what you hear.

A cool additional benefit is that smaller earphones tend to produce less Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) that might otherwise have an affect your detector’s findings (as detectors use electromagnetic waves to detect metal). Comes with a 1⁄4 to 1/8 input adapter.


5. Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Tool Kit (Sand Scoop, Hand Trowel, Super Scooper, and Brass Probe)

A collection of digging and investigation tools for groundwork and sand – comes with a metal spade, a plastic spade and a plastic scooper. Also included is a brass probe, giving you finer access without doing damage. There may be some issues with durability – the plastic tools are perhaps on the flimsy side, but it should be okay with soft sand.

SE (Sonar Enterprises) or National Geographic scoopers seem to be better build quality. Nevertheless, this product has good reviews overall and offers a good range of instruments to investigate findings.

144 Reviews
  • For use with all hobby metal detectors! Top Seller.
  • Locate your finds - Easily sift through sand
  • Rugged yellow plastic construction
  • Locate your target
  • Coins & Rings will not slip through the holes!


6. Digger’s Pouch Camo by Garrett

This pouch has a “camo” design and can be strapped around your waist (it’s adjustable, able to fit a child size, and can fit up to a 48” waist). Overall, a simple lightweight design and it’s got a bunch of pockets to let you separate objects, as well as an inner treasure pocket. It’s not waterproof but is water-resistant, so no need to be overly concerned with getting splashed or rained on with it on.

Carry your water bottle, hand sanitizers, extra batteries, etc in this, as well as recoveries. Rather than storing dirtied metal in your pockets just stuff it in your pouch and move on. A 10” depth.

Garrett Metal Detectors Digger's Pouch Camo, GAR1612900
1,317 Reviews
Garrett Metal Detectors Digger's Pouch Camo, GAR1612900
  • This 10" deep zippered bag secures with its own belt
  • Light Weight
  • Interior zippered treasure pocketto separate treasure from trash
  • Fits up to 48" waist
  • Exterior strap is ideal for attaching Pro-Pointer, cell phone, digging tools, etc


7. White’s DigMaster Digger

When dealing with harder ground you’ll need a hard blade to shift its surface; this is your tool for that. It’s like a combination of a spade and a knife, with a

durable metal serrated edge that’s self-draining. A pretty indespensible tool for a metal hunter working with hard ground.

White's DigMaster Digger - 601-0073
83 Reviews
White's DigMaster Digger - 601-0073
  • The self-draining sheath has a slot for optional lanyard capabilities
  • Our Digger comes with heat-treated steel
  • The orange Comfort-Grip handle with thumb guides for durability

There are the best metal detector accessories that we could find that came in under $50, most are under $20. Whilst you do not need any of these, they will make your experience far more enjoyable and rewarding (monetry wise).

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