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Metal Detecting Guide For Children

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Children these days can spend a whole month indoors if they could since they have no motivation to go outside. While it keeps them out of a lot of trouble, it is not healthy at all, which is why many of them end up obese and depressed. Unfortunately getting them to go out and play is not as easy as when you were children, which is why you need to be creative. If your child is interested in exploring, you can know this by the kind of games he or she plays; then metal detecting could be a fun activity to try.

It is one of the most engaging outdoor activities for children of all ages, and it is inexpensive. There are many impressive metal detectors for children of different ages that will make them more eager to go outside. If this is something that you think your child may be interested in doing, read on to find out everything you need to know about it.

Benefits of Introducing Metal Detecting to Children

Anything that will get your child to love the outdoors is probably a good thing. However, with metal detecting it allows them to grow, discover, and become healthier. It gives your child something to look forward to. Some of the main benefits of metal detecting include:

Sense of Exploration

One of the joys of metal detecting is the anticipation of the journey and what you will discover by the end of it. It encourages your child to want to see, find, and know more about the different objects that they will uncover. In this way, they will have the urge to go out and find more with friends and their siblings.

Opportunity to Learn

Depending on where your child will go detecting, he or she has the chance to find relics and other objects that may have historical significance. This can be anything such as coins and other small objects from which they could learn. It doesn’t need to be a whole history lesson, but their finds can even help with giving your child material on a paper for school. The possibilities of what he could do are endless.


The process of looking, digging, failing, and going at it again is a great way to give your child a good work out. The best part is that they really won’t realize how much exercise they are getting, especially if they are not fans of working out. This enables your child to be healthier, and the more they do it, the better for them, and soon enough, you should see a significant improvement in all aspects of your lives.

Growth of Hobby

If your kid gets into metal detecting, it could be a great new hobby for them, which doesn’t involve a phone or computer. They can find satisfaction in making a collection of their finds, and this can be a long-term hobby. It can lead them into liking geology, becoming a collector, or even scuba diving for their discoveries.

Feeling of Accomplishment

The sense of satisfaction is an important one in the life of a person since it makes one feel like they matter. Metal detecting brings about much joy and accomplishment when your child fids valuable objects. It helps build their confidence and to some extent, keep their minds healthy and active at all times.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Metal Detector for Kids?

If you want to purchase a metal detector for your child, it should be comforting to know that it is not that difficult. Children don’t need the latest technology in their sensors so a simple functioning device would be great. Here are a few things to have in mind:


How old your child is will determine how complex the equipment you buy should be. Many of the kids’ detectors have age limits to help guide you, but it is probably best to look at the features compared to your child’s abilities. This will give you better insight into knowing the device that will best suit your kid.

Height and Weight

It is also essential to check the height of the detector before buying so that he or she can be more comfortable when using it. A sensor that is the wrong height will strain your child’s back, and this can bring on other issues that you don’t want.

The best option is not one that is perfect to their height but adjustable one. This means that your kid can grow with it until they can’t use it anymore. The device also needs to be light enough so as not to tire your child excessively and so they can use it to maneuver comfortably.


With the many options of metal detectors available, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are great devices for as little as $50 for the younger kids. However, it is better to go for an averagely priced detector for between $100 and $200. It ensures that it will last a long time and allow your child to learn as they discover.

Ease of Use

The metal detector should have an easy to use interface without necessarily being simplistic. Children are quite smart in this millennium so you don’t want something that will bore them. Ensure that it is just right, not too complicated since they will quit trying to figure it out.


One of the best places to go searching for treasure is by the beach and even in the water. For this reason, the metal detector has to be waterproof. Children also enjoy playing in water so you need to ensure that it can comfortably handle that. For this, ensure that you read the customer reviews since these will give you more details on how well the device functions in water.

What Are The Best Metal Detectors For Children?

If you consider the above factors before making your purchase, then everything should go smoothly. To help you out, there are a few excellent metal detectors for children.

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