Garrett metal detectors have become a household name within the detecting industry, allowing the general public access to military grade equipment. They’re not by any means a new brand, they were established in 1964 by Charles and Eleanor Garrett.

We’ve gone ahead and reviewed all Garrett has to offer and put it right here for you to decide if one of their detectors is right for you.

Garrett Ace 150

Very much the entry level to the range, this is perfect for anybody who is looking to get into metal detecting but isn’t sure how they’re going to get on with it and even if they enjoy it. It’s always nice to get something at an entry level that comes with the backing of the Garrett brand.

Comes with:

  • Multiple Detection Modes
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Headphones
  • Target ID Legend
  • LCD Screen

The Garrett Ace 150 also lightweight, altho none in this range are particularly heavy being so light it helps if children also want to use it.

Garrett Ace 250

The most popular in terms of sales, the Garrett Ace 250 offers you a great starting point as it’s simple enough to use for a beginner, yet packed with tools that an intermediate/ experienced detector can make use of. This is the same detector that I started off using personally, I have since moved on to the Ace 400 which we will cover below.


  • Large LCD Display
  • Push Button controls
  • Multiple Search Coils
  • 30 Hour Battery Life
  • Fourth Bell Tone
  • 2 Year Warranty

Garrett Ace 350

The Garrett Ace 350 comes fitted with a specialized coil that allows you to search in salt water, making beaches and where the tide comes in perfect for finding buried treasure. You’re able to differentiate from different metals which will help you separate the trash from the treasure.


  • Multiple Detection Modes
  • Advanced Iron Detection
  • Depth Detector
  • 2 Year Warranty

Garrett Ace 400

Garrett metal detectorsThe Garrett Ace 400 is currently the detector I’m using, it’s what I upgraded to from the 250. Although I luckily have access to within reason almost any detector I wish this is always the one I come back to. I think I can class myself as an intermediate/advanced detector and this does everything that I ask of it.

This is personally the easiest machine I’ve used to find different metals, with the iron audio feature I’m finding far less trash. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still finding it, just on a far smaller scale.


  • New Iron Audio
  • Digital Target 0-99
  • Higher Frequency (10kHz)
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Camlocks
  • Electronic Pinpointing
  • Five Search Modes

History Of Garrett

They’ve always been associated with quality, well-built machines that are available to the general public. They really have brought metal detecting to the mainstream by allowing a hobbyist to accurately detect metals in the ground.

You can read more about how Garrett has grown as a brand over the years if you are interested in their story here.

Charles has a background in the military so there’s no need to guess where he had his inspiration to build the detector company, all the way back to 1967 Charles knew that to compete with the big players in the market at the time his detectors had to be superior and he could not rely on his brand. This is something that has stuck with the company even to this day, only releasing the best quality machines.

Today their ideal market is the hobbyist and they have done a very good job of maintaining the high quality you’d expect from a top price detector for as little as $250. Today their most popular machine is the Garrett Ace 250, which by chance we have reviewed and if you’re interested in getting into detecting we highly recommend you check it out.
Garrett Today

Garrett metal detetors has become the most popular detecting brand in the world by offering great value to their customers, even their very first detector back in 1964 was priced at $150.

The ease of use is a great selling point for Garrett metal detectors, simple is the best way to describe them. They do exactly what you’d expect nothing more nothing less and this is truly why they have managed to keep their quality up without the price going up to match. Often these days on any sort of technology you would be expecting to find unnecessary stuff that really is not needed. That is not the case with these, and that is the main reason they are so popular today. There is a very small learning curve and people of all walks of life can pick one up and use it the very same day.

We have gone through and reviewed all the latest models below, please feel free to check them out. Not only do we give our expert opinion we show you real reviews from people who are using this product currently.