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Garrett Ace Apex

It has been a while since we’ve last seen Garrett give us a new metal detector.  One of their most promising lineups is the Ace series, which has often been considered one of the best metal detectors in the world. And given that it’s 2020, consumers naturally want to own a product that’s different from the previous entries in their lineup, and that’s where the Garrett Ace Apex comes in.

Not only does it offer consumers a slew of new intrinsic features, but the Garrett Ace Apex is a brand new metal detector that’s been designed from scratch. It makes use of a brand new kind of technology that could provide some interesting competition to other renowned metal detecting brands like Minelab, Quest, and Nokta Makro. One of the ways they do this is by featuring the multi-frequency technology that provides for frequencies: 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz, and 20 kHz. This makes the Garrett Ace Apex metal detector the brand’s first-ever multi-frequency detector.

We’re still a couple of months away from the official release, but we’ll give you the whole rundown of the features that are coming to consumers, and why you should be saving up space in your wallet for what looks to be the next trendsetter in metal detecting.


History Of Garrett

Garrett has been making some of the world’s most efficient and powerful metal detectors since 1964. Every one of those models has been built in Garland, Texas using the highest quality standards, but more importantly, being backed by the finest customer service support group the industry has ever known.

Metal detectors from the Garrett Ace lineup broke the mold for many metal detectors when they introduced incredible features, state-of-the-art construction, efficient performance, and great value to treasure hunters everywhere. And considering they have over a million success stories to their name, there’s no denying that Ace users are one of the most productive on the planet. And now it looks as if the Ace Apex is looking to set a brand new standard for cheap and efficient metal detection.

Garrett Ace Apex Description

On May 15th, 2020, Garrett brand introduced the latest entry in their Ace lineup known as the Ace Apex detector. The information we have right now about the product is limited, but everything we know so far is included in this review-in-progress. We’ll be sure to update this page when we get anything else from the brand later on.

The Garrett Ace detectors have been in development for the last 15 years and the Garrett Ace Apex could be the pinnacle of the lineup. The new Apex detector is looking to be a huge part of the Garrett Sport Line and is also guaranteeing to be a game-changer. The new detector is looking to hit the stores in July or August of 2020. Here’s a couple of specifications that we already know:


Multi-Frequency Technology‌

With the introduction of the Ace Apex, the Garrett brand has finally entered the multi-frequency department, something that competitors like Minelab have been doing for the past couple of years now.

The multi-frequency technology features over four single frequencies (5, 10, 15, and 20 kHz) as well as two multi-frequency options: a standard and a saltwater beach option. And thanks to its United States and international coin notes, the Ace Apex detector can be taken anywhere on Earth to hunt for valuable treasure.

This new technology offers users the convenience to switch between single as well as multi-frequency at will, or whenever they like. And along with its high-quality ground balance, this metal detector can be used in a variety of mineralization conditions, allowing users to pick up virtually any target on their screens.

It also has controls that enable users to adjust the volume of iron objects, target volume, search mode, sensitivity, and other settings. It’s lower frequencies usually provide better detection of larger and more conductive targets, such as large silver coins.

The metal detector also comes with adjustable:

Features Of The Garrett Ace Apex

Iron Volume

This feature enables detectorists to lower the volume of iron targets, while not doing anything to the volume of non-ferrous targets. Normally, seasoned treasure hunters would want to hear every single target, but will soon learn to welcome this new facility, especially if they wish to avoid picking up signals from worthless objects. And thanks to its eight iron volume adjustments, there’s greater flexibility in the Ace Apex than any other detector in the same price range.

Iron Audio

This feature grants users the ability to filter through complex iron items, like bottle caps. It also provides great detection depth on several targets.

Backlit LCD

Now you can take your prospecting game to the next level by hunting for valuable items at night thanks to the Ace Apex’s convenient bright backlit LCD.

Viper Search‌ ‌Coil‌

BH Apex features a waterproof Viper 6”x11” Double-D coil. And when we say waterproof, we mean absolutely waterproof. However, because of the multi-frequency technology, current Ace coils aren’t compatible with the Ace Apex detector. It isn’t necessary to have the coils changed when users wish to alter the frequency. The search coil comes with a low-impedance, broadband coil that supports the new Apex multiflex frequency technology. What’s more, is that this new coil can’t be used in any of the present Ace machines.

Z-Lynk Wireless‌ ‌Headphone‌ ‌Technology‌

One of the most impressive features of the Garrett Ace Apex is wireless headphone Z-Lynk technology. This means that you can use the metal detector with or without MS-3 wireless headphones. The device also comes with a ⅛ inch headphone jack In case you want to connect your wired headphones. What makes Z-Lynk more preferable than Bluetooth is that it is six times faster, allowing users to pick up signals of their targets without experiencing any audio delays or lags.

6 Detection‌ ‌Modes‌ ‌And‌ ‌Pinpoint‌

The Ace Apex features a variety of detection modes including coins, US coins, zero, custom, relics, and jewelry.

Rechargeable Battery

It comes with a chargeable, in-built lithium-ion battery that offers up to 15 hours of usage, depending on the setting. It even includes a mini-USB charger cable.

Brand New‌ ‌Design‌

As you may have noticed, the Ace Apex metal detector was built from the ground-up, sporting a completely new design so that it doesn’t produce any rotational torque at the end of swings. It is optimally balanced from the search coil all the way up to the armrest. What’s more, is that it is waterproof and comes with a mini-USB charger cable.

Hybrid‌ ‌Audio‌ ‌System‌

The Ace Apex’s target audio offers the convenience of binary audio (typically found in current Ace detectors) along with extra advantages of subtle proportional audio for some of the weaker targets.

Fast‌ ‌Target‌ ‌Speed‌

Due to the Ace Apex’s quick responsiveness, users can hear items buried under iron garbage.

High-Resolution‌ ‌Discrimination‌

The detector offers 20 Notch Discrimination pixels, including eight iron pixels. You can make any customized detection pattern of your choosing.

High-Resolution‌ ‌Ground‌ ‌Balance‌

The Ace Apex provides 175 points of ground balance resolution (like the Garrett AT Max) that range from ferrous ground to saltwater.

Efficient And‌ ‌Intuitive‌ ‌Controls‌

There are direct-drive switches forward controls for controls that are used frequently. Other controls come with menu adjustments that are easy to access.

5-Tone‌ ‌Audible‌ target ID

Viewers are provided with five distinct tones that offer even better target identification than previous Garrett detectors.


Given how highly competitive the market is out there, it’s no wonder fans of Garrett or worried whether Garrett was going to make a comeback or not. But it seems that not only have they surprised everyone with this new invention of theirs, but this looks to be the creme de la creme that can go head-to-head with some of the biggest names out there today. Not only does Garrett intend to match the specs and performance of its rivals like Minelab, but it also intends to surpass them as well.

Given what we’ve seen so far, there is no doubt in our minds the Garrett Ace Apex will continue the long-standing success of Garrett’s Ace lineup to once again become the undisputed champion of all metal detectors.

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