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Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Ace 400 Review

The Garrett Ace 400 should be considered the bigger brother to the 150, 250 and 350. It’s very similar to a few more features that you shouldn’t expect in the previous models.

This is the detector I’m currently using, read below why I’m recommending this over anything else.

The great feature about the 400 is the Iron Audio option, this helps the detector define the difference between iron and other metals. I will go into more detail about how that can be used below.

I have a personal connection whilst reviewing this model, I actually own and use this on almost a daily basis. This is my personal choice from any of the other models.

Although this is targeted more to the intermediate detectorist’s out there, I feel confident that if I was to go back I would have just gone for this straight away, the extra power and functionality isn’t confusing it’s helpful.

Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
100 Reviews
Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
  • Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255

Key Features Of The Garrett Ace 400

  • Garrett Ace 400New Iron Audio – This allows users to accurately find out which metal it is they have found, this can be especially useful when searching for particular things such as bottle caps or coins.
  • New Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale offers target information
  • New higher frequency (10 kHz) provides better sensitivity on low and medium-conductivity targets (i.e. gold, lead)
  • New Adjustable Frequency to help eliminate interference
  • New Camlocks for better stem stability
  • New Includes Pulse-Width Modulation audio: sharper, more responsive audio
  • 8.5″ x 11″ PROformance™ submersible DD search coil offers excellent coverage, depth
  • Enhanced Iron Resolution: twice the iron resolution of an ACE 250, to help separate good targets from adjacent junk iron
  • Includes Electronic Pinpointing: precisely locates targets and speeds recovery
  • Notch Discrimination: Modify discrimination patterns based on what you are seeking.
  • Five Search Modes (plus Pinpoint)
  • Eight (8) Sensitivity/Depth adjustments
  • Coin Depth Indicator determines target depth
  • Expanded Target ID legend: includes an indication of U.S. coin denominations

Features Explained:

New Iron Audio:

This is my personal favorite feature of this model, a big reason why I’m still using it today. It took some getting used to, sometimes it would give me a false reading, but it was more my not understanding of how it works. For example, a rusted fence would give a reading on a normal detector, however with the iron audio you can make sure the settings are allowing for such things, which is a big time saver.

If you are searching for iron or not you can turn it on or off depending on your goals. Below you will find a video explaining the iron audio function, turn your speakers down as it can be quite loud!

Digital Target ID:

This will help you differentiate between less and more conductive metals ie silver for example. It gives you a number from 1 – 99 on the LCD screen (Which you can see below), 1, for example, might be a rusted nail or something which has lost its conductivity, and a 99 could be silver. It’s not quite as simple as that, but that’s the most simple way to explain it that I could find.

Higher Frequency:

Not only does this come with a higher frequency (10kHz) but you are also able to adjust it. I personally like to use a lower frequency, but that’s more as I’m less and less willing to dig down deeper, however, if you’re struggling to find anything you would turn it up.

When you turn it up sometimes you can get interference, it’s just the detector finding too much, or finding things too far away. This is why I personally run it on 5-8kHz but that is just my preference.

New Camlocks:

These are just locks that essentially make the machine more stable, making it easier to use. All of Garrett’s models will soon have these.

PROformance™ submersible DD search coil:

From a design standpoint alone, you can see the difference between this and the 150, and 250 models. They’ve designed it so not only is it more accurate but also submersible. This makes it ideal if you are looking to do some detecting in shallow streams, it is still not ideal for underwater detecting, we have a whole section specifically for those.

I’ve personally used it in a couple of instances, my friend managed to drop her necklace into a garden pond, which was perfect for that as it was only about 12 inches deep.

Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
100 Reviews
Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
  • Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255

Pros Of The Ace 400:

  1. Simplicity – Although we recommend this machine for somebody that has been detecting for a while to really get the most use out of all the functions, it still remains simple to use for anybody. With all Garrett models, there are clearly marked buttons that are easy to understand.
  2. Sensitivity – The 10kHz frequency delivers a great response, it is very accurate so you can be sure you are not wasting time digging in the wrong location. Along with its depth detector, you can weigh up the time spent digging.
  3. Bang for buck – The 400 offers great value, out powering the 150, 250 and 350 from Garrett whilst keeping a similar price range. Especially with the kits available for this model, you can get some great deals out there. I will post the best at the bottom.
  4. Guarantee – Garrett is a company that very much stand by their products, it is still run by the same family that started it and are a pleasure to deal with. I personally had a couple of problems outside of my guarantee and they were more than willing to help. Great customer service!
  5. Weight – Coming in at 5.8 pounds it’s easy to maneuver and carry for long sessions.

Cons Of The Ace 400:

  1. The only con I can think of is as it’s not as popular it’s harder to get hold of, but it’s not really.
Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
100 Reviews
Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
  • Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255

What Makes It Different From Other Detectors

The 400 comes with the Iron audio setting that is something that comes specifically with this Garrett model, it isn’t something that is standard with all metal detectors. What this allows you to do is distinguish between certain metals from another, for example, if you’re trying to find coins as opposed to trash. It’s ideal for anybody at any level, although this is aimed at the intermediate’s this can also be used by any beginner who is willing to read the instructions.

This model comes with the enhanced iron resolution, this is exclusive to the 400 and will help you to separate any junk that is located near your target. It’s quite common to get false readings when you’re out detecting, this can be from less experienced people not using the detector properly, or more likely if you’ve read my guide, some junk. If you are having problems where you keep digging up nothing, perhaps you’re in an area where junk is common. This would be the perfect detector in that situation.

This comes with a higher frequency than the 350 coming in at 10kHz, this is to be expected. Not only the name gives it away but it is slightly more expensive than the 250 and 350. The best thing about the 400’s frequency is it is adjustable, you’re no longer walking around detecting fillings in everybody’s mouths (I exaggerate of course), you can turn it down or up depending on what you’re looking for, if you’re looking for smaller items a higher frequency will have to be used.

I’ve really struggled to think of any cons of this product, it’s a well balanced, full metal detecting kit. I advise anybody who is considering buying one to go ahead. It’s a very sturdy product that comes with very little flaws as far as I could find.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed having a go on the 400, it was light, easy to use and gave me a lot of information. Sometimes for me personally it gave me a little too much information, I’m very much at the stage where I just find anything and dig it up, I’m sure for somebody more experienced it would be absolutely fantastic. That being said after getting used to it I have found it very useful, however, you certainly need more patience to get used to the software compared to most other beginners/ intermediate detectors. Which is a good thing, it allows you more room to grow into this piece of kit.

I would recommend it absolutely, I have yet to see any negative review on this particular model, which makes me wonder why it isn’t as popular as the other models. It seems to me that this is a middle ranged detector. More advanced than a 250, but not quite at the level of the ATX or the Fisher F2.

I will be using it more and more as I move on from my basic detector, hopefully, it will improve my skill at the same time, I’m confident it will do.

Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
100 Reviews
Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
  • Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special, GAR1141255
Hi, my name is Richard, I've been metal detecting for nearly 10 years now. I first got into it after running into an old friend on the beach who happened to be detecting (Mind he didn't actually find anything whilst I was there), it certainly got me curious. Since then it's been my biggest hobby so I decided to start this website and help other people get into it.


  • Good morning
    How well does the ACE 400 work with wet salt water black sand. has this
    machine been tested working with these conditions. If so, do you know of
    a web site exploring this task.

    Thank you Dan Lewis

    • Hi Dan,
      I can’t say I’ve personally used the 400 on black sand however I can’t see any issues with this particular model on the sand. However the 400 is not built to work in salt water. I would recommend the AT pro, I feel this would be much better fitted for you.

  • Hi,

    I have this ace 400, I bought 5 days ago, I want to know the deepest detection of this under the ground? How is true that can detect 4 feet deep? Under the ground?

    Tnx for the reply

    • Hi Domingo,

      It all depends on the ground conditions, however as a max, yes it absolutely can. I, however, probably would never dig 4ft down! Might be the old age.


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