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Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 150 metal detector is one of the newest beginner metal detectors in the market.

Like many other new metal detectors, it is setting the pace with its incredible features and capabilities, especially when you consider that it is made for beginners. It makes metal detecting fun and rewarding, and it is the ideal detector to ensure that you do not leave any metal, jewelry, or coins unearthed.

Considered the smallest brother of the Garrett family, but don’t let that put you off. For sure this detector is for beginners but some would say it’s the perfect starting detector. Read below to find out if it’s for you.

Garrett Ace 150 incorporates the best technology in the field to offer incredible features. It is fitted with features like metal recognition capabilities and depth sensitivity, and these features come together to make metal detecting fun and rewarding.

Garrett Ace 150 Features

• LCD Screen Display
The Garrett Ace 150 features a sizeable LCD screen that makes it interactive and easy to use. This screen displays essential information such as metal type, coin depth and lower and upper scales, just to mention a few. It also makes it easy to operate the metal detectors as every command is indicated on the screen.

• Three Detection Modes

Garrett Ace 150 has three detection modes: all-metal detection, jewellery detection, and coins detection. These modes allow the user to narrow down a search when need be, and they work flawlessly.

The all-metal detection mode lets you detect virtually every metal underneath. It picks up iron, silver, steel, and virtually every other metal as long as it is within range. The jewellery detection mode targets jewellery only, and it is a great convenience for escaping the regular interruption of metal and coin detections. The coin detection mode only detects coins such as pennies and sixpences, and one can even tell how deep the coins are underneath the ground using the coin depth analysis feature.

The tone produced may vary in intensity for different metals, coins, and jewellery depending on range, but you are guaranteed to notice it thanks to indicators that pop up on the LCD screen. What’s more, every tone is audible when wearing the headphones.

• Target ID Legend
This metal detector has a database of the commonly detected metals, coins, and jewellery, and this allows it to recognize the type of item detected. It also features a target ID, located just above the LCD screen. Once it recognizes the item detected, the cursor appears below a certain ID to let the user know what to expect.

One cannot dig for every metal or coin detected, but one never knows where the ideal prize will be. This feature allows you to ignore common metals and focus your time and energy on promising finds.

• Low Battery Indicator
The Garrett Ace 150 does not indicate the battery level like the 250 model. However, it features a low battery indicator that turns on when the battery becomes weak. As such, one can conclude metal detection in an organized manner rather than abruptly. This is one of the reasons why it is considered as a reliable and dependable metal detector.

What’s more, this metal detector does not need a lot of power to function. It is powered by AA batteries, and they can last for 20-40 hours depending on usage and quality. Alkaline batteries are recommended as they last longer than rechargeable batteries.

• Headphones
The reverse side of this metal detector features a jack for connecting headphones. It accommodates a ¼’’ plug. What’s more, it comes with ACE sports phones that are comfortable and they enable you to hear even the faintest of tones. This comes as a great convenience when prospecting for metals in a noisy environment.

• Coin Depth Analysis
Very few metal detectors are capable of determining the depth of targets. The Garrett Ace 150 is excellent at it. It can determine the depth of coins and metals depending on the conductivity. The depth is the displayed on the LCD screen where the scale is illuminated at 2’’, 4’’, and 6+’’. As such, one can estimate the amount of effort to be put in digging for the item and prepare adequately.

However, it is important to note that although this feature works for jewellery and metals too, it is most accurate when detecting for coins. Large metals may indicate a shallower depth than the actual depth because of their large size.

• Tone ID
This metal detector features three tone IDs that correspond to the three modes. There is a unique bell tone that is produced when high conductivity targets are detected. A standard-pitched audio tone is produced when medium conductivity targets such as jewellery and nickels are detected. A low-pitched tone is produced when low-conductivity items such as iron and nails are detected.

• Lightweight
In spite of incorporating all these features, the Garrett Ace 150 is lightweight and compact. It is, hence, easy to use without tiring quickly. This makes it especially ideal for kids as they can operate it steadily and use it for longer and on a wider region without tiring.

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Value for Money

Perhaps the best thing about the 150 is that it is very affordable. It is the ideal metal detector for beginners and enthusiasts working on a budget. Despite the affordable prices, this metal detector is of great quality, and one is guaranteed value for every penny. The numerous features make it just as efficient as some high end metal detectors. What’s more, its durability means that there are few maintenance requirements, and it hence offers flawless service for a long time.

The metal detector may seem complex at first glance, but it is very easy to assemble when going by the manual. The different components are easy to join, and it does not take much effort or too much time. The manual is also of great help when figuring out how to use it, but one becomes very well acquainted with the controls after one or two searches.

This detector is without a doubt the ideal metal detector for beginners and experienced enthusiasts as well. It is affordable and it incorporates the latest technology to offer unmatched user experience. You are guaranteed an interesting and rewarding time prospecting for metals, coins, and jewellery with the Garrett Ace 150. It is simply the right gadget to enhance security. We have a wide range of metal detector reviews for you to look at.

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