Fisher is a company that has been active in making some of the best metal detectors for more than 80 years. It may not be the most popular company, but for those who use it, there is no question about the quality of equipment throughout. There is something for everyone at Fisher, so whether you are doing detecting as a hobby or as a source of living, you can find the perfect companion. One of the most notable things about devices by the company is that they are feature-packed, so you have a lot to work with.

The prices for metal detectors by Fisher are fair, and you can get a good bargain on most of what they offer. You get value for money since they are made using the best materials which ensure longevity. There is much to gain by purchasing a fisher device, and this is all explained in this piece. We have highlighted some of the top detectors available, their features, the pros and cons of the brand.

The Best Fisher Metal Detectors

From the entry-level equipment to some of the most advanced metal detectors in the market, Fisher has everything you may need. Many people who start using these devices are less inclined to buy from other brands. This is because many of them offer continuity, and it is easy to improve your skills as you upgrade to the better machines. The following are some of the top detectors from the company and what you can expect from each one.

Fisher F22

As an entry-level detector, you need a reliable device that you can trust to guide you through the different searches that you will have. The F22 is perfect for this since it has many of the basic entry-level features with a little extra to get you more excited.

The design of this model is perfect for starters of any age. The handle is adjustable to cater for different height and also gives you a good grip on the machine. It has an excellent control panel that has the signature large screen of Fisher. It has multiple search settings, including the significant iron audio. As a beginner, you may find yourself digging up a lot of trash, so this option is invaluable, and you will be happy to know that it is quite accurate.

It offers ten sensitivity levels, which is excellent for training one on how to operate any metal detector. The sensitivity setting, as well as the shiny Target ID, will ensure that you get the best relics from your adventures. It also has excellent depth since it can sense treasures for up to nine inches, which is pretty great for an entry-level device. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof, so you may not detecting too close to water bodies. More features include:

  • It is lightweight, weighing only 2.3 pounds.
  • Preset ground balance setting.
  • It has three main modes of operation.
  • It has a warranty.
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil
948 Reviews
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil
  • Weatherproof all-purpose metal detector
  • Visual target-id by category
  • Weatherproof
  • Operates on 2 aa batteries (25-30 hours)
  • Fe-tone (adjustable iron audio)

Fisher F4

One thing that will catch your eye about this detector is the fantastic design, but this is not to mean that it falls short on other features. It is a device intended for intermediary hobbyists who want something a bit more serious, but that is simple enough to operate.

The F4 is one of the most advanced detectors you can buy for the price. So, whether you are hunting as a hobby or for a living, you can be sure to get what you need. It has four audio tones that change depending on the type of find, as well as your proximity to it. It also has the all-important pinpoint feature that has depth-sensing, so you know how far your target is.

It has both the all-metal mode in case you hope to find some relics and discrimination that helps when you want to avoid trash. The depth sensor can detect metals up to 15 inches deep, making it suitable for ancient sites where the finds are buried deep. It has an excellent ability to identify the type of metals, and from the various reviews, it is accurate that almost 100% of the time. Other features include:

  • It is waterproof hence suitable for detecting near water.
  • It is lightweight at 2.6 pounds, so you can use it for hours without becoming sore.
  • It has a sizeable bi-axial coil that is excellent for detecting metals hidden deep.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • The notch control allows you to select what you consider to be trash.

Fisher F75

If you are a bit experienced and you need something that comes close to an advanced detector, the F75 is your best bet. This min-range device competes well with those made for experienced users, but you only pay a fraction of the price. It is a 13 kHz machine that is excellent for any kind of searching you want to do.

In case you are hunting in an area with a lot of iron and you want to ignore it to find more valuable metals, this is the perfect detector. It has an excellent sensor that sifts through all the trash to get you exactly what you want. This is also helped by the superb ground balance that gives you the option to have it preset or manual. The flexibility is one thing that many enthusiasts appreciate, and the F75 doesn’t disappoint in either case.

The large 11-inch search coil not only offers more depth detection, but it also guarantees you faster detection. It also has the iron audio and target ID, all of which are essential in different situations. The coil on this device is waterproof so that you can do some shallow water hunting. However, it is not submersible, which is its most significant disadvantage. More features include:

  • Large LCD shows everything, including the battery level.
  • It works well for all metals.
  • Excellent design that is comfortable for long hunting periods.
  • It comes with a warranty.
Fisher Labs F75 Special Edition Metal Detector (F75LTD-BLK)
13 Reviews
Fisher Labs F75 Special Edition Metal Detector (F75LTD-BLK)
  • Boost Process substantially increases depth under most conditions
  • Cache Locating Process is designed to find large deep objects
  • Lightest and best balanced of all high-performance metal detectors
  • Powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
  • Large LCD screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display

Fisher Gold Bug 2

Fisher’s range of products includes some specialty detectors such as the Gold Bug 2 that is made specifically for gold detection. While it may not be the best everyday device since it lacks a lot of the essential features, it is particularly excellent at finding gold nuggets.

Gold detection requires high-frequency machines, which many of your essential detectors don’t have because it increases the chances of interference. This is why you have this detector that has 71 kHz, which is excellent for finding gold. It is handy since that it can detect tiny amounts of gold deposit, so it is perfect if you find a gold mine.

It has a different design from the other Fisher products, such as the missing display, but you shouldn’t mind that so much since it still gets the job done. The different modes, such as the iron disc, may take a bit of getting used to, especially without a display.

This gold detecting device may not be for everyone, but if you want to focus on finding gold but are on a budget, it is precisely what you need. It is lightweight, so you can easily use it for eight hours nonstop. More features to look out for include:

  • Great depth sensor.
  • Excellent lightweight design.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It comes with a warranty.

Fisher F44

If you are a beginner, but you want something a little more advanced than you can use for a while before upgrading the F44 is excellent. It is a well-made detector that is great for use when searching different types of metals or alloys.

For starters, it has five operation modes that are perfect for helping you find exactly what you are looking for. This includes more valuable metals such as gold and silver. It is a very comfortable device to use, and it is suitable for long walks or hikes, although it is a bit heavier than many of the Fisher models. The large LCD is perfect for showing you everything you need, including the battery meter. The screen is backlit so you can use it in low light without a problem.

It also has the all-important pinpoint mode that directs you better to where your target nay be. You can use this with the 20 sensitivity settings, and this should enable you to get the best finds. The detector uses two AA batteries that can be used for up to 30 hours, making it ideal for long trips. Luckily this device is weatherproof; hence,  a little rain won’t damage it. However, it is not waterproof, meaning that submerging it into the water may cause it to malfunction, so be careful around water. The F44 has more features, including:

  • It has an icon on the screen that identifies iron as well as iron audio.
  • Manual ground balance for when searching through mineralized soil.
  • The five modes show whether you precisely what you have found.
  • It has a memory that saves whichever settings you used.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty.
Fisher F44 Metal Detector
114 Reviews
Fisher F44 Metal Detector
  • Perfect tool for relic hunting, gold prospecting, coin shooting, or just take it to the beach and see what you can find
  • Equipped with 5 operating modes: Jewelry, coin, artifact, custom, and all metal
  • Fine-tune your settings to perfection with 20 levels of sensitivity and volume
  • Pick up right where you left off with non-volatile memory so you can save your settings
  • Visual display features 9-segment target ID to easily filter through objects

Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut

Detectors who live near the ocean or sea who enjoy scuba diving may need a different kind of device to fulfill their needs. Many of the regular on surface machines are not submersible, so to cater to this need, Fisher has the specialized 1280-X Aquanaut. The many excellent features that it has are better used in the ocean or sea.

One of the features many find unusual about the Aquanaut is that it has a low frequency of 2.4 kHz.  This may deter you from buying it, but it is made so intentionally so it can offer more depth. You can use this device up to 250 feet in the water, which is more than most of the other detectors in its range. It also has a discrimination setting that is excellent for ensuring that it doesn’t detect a lot of trash.

However, it is excellent for finding tiny relics due to the large coil, and with the superb sensitivity levels, nothing is impossible with this detector. It can also be used in both salt and freshwater by switching the setting. Another great thing that should help you consider this more than the other underwater devices is that it costs significantly less. More features include:

  • It can search through wet sand and soil.
  • It has a manual ground balance to reduce interference.
  • Features waterproof headphones.
  • It comes with a warranty.
Fisher 1280X-8 Underwater All-Purpose Metal Detector
15 Reviews
Fisher 1280X-8 Underwater All-Purpose Metal Detector
  • Turn on & go operation - submersible up to 250 feet - full range target discrimination
  • Adjustable sensitivity control - audio and visual target response - vlf discrimination
  • 8” and 10” coil options - up to 75+ hours of battery life
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4 kHz
  • Recommended for: beach hunting, shallow water, lake /surf, diving

Fisher Metal Detector Company

The company was started in 1931 by Dr. G. Fisher, who was an engineer. He managed to get the very first patent for making metal detectors, which is why Fisher is the oldest in this industry. Right from the start, the first product became popular as it introduced a new concept that was highly appreciated.

The first machine was the “Metallascope,” which was not much like the devices we have today, but it was high quality and quickly became popular. The very first customers for the detector were mostly researchers and geologists who used it to find relics. It was also widely used by the police to find clues in crime scenes before the treasure hunters started buying it.

The company has come a long way since then by improving its products both physically and technologically. This gave rise to the new generation detectors that many hobbyists have enjoyed for years. The brand is known for its durable devices that are both affordable and easy to use for everyone.

Pros of Fisher Metal Detectors

There are some advantages that you can be sure to gain when using Fisher products other than quality build. The following are some main ones.


Given the features and the quality of the Fisher metal detectors, it is easy to expect them to cost a fortune. However, the company has managed to keep all the devices reasonably priced without sacrificing the features. This is why you need to check what the company offers before settling for the more popular brands. You may just end up getting more at a lower price.

Multiple modes

The best thing about using a metal detector is when you have many options to work with. It not only makes your hunt more comfortable, it also makes it more enjoyable. All the Fisher devices have multiple operation modes, including audio that helps you discover more. The discrimination and sensitivity settings are more than what you will find in most of the detectors. They help in identifying the actual treasure and telling you how far it is, and with the pinpointing setting, it becomes even easier to locate.


One user of Fisher metal detectors noted that unlike many companies in the industry, Fisher makes an effort to stand by their products. If you have been a hobbyist for a while, you know how strict the warranty limitations are in most companies. While the warranty by this manufacturer doesn’t cover everything, you have more space to work with.

Large Bi-axial Coil

Almost all the coils are bi-axial as opposed to the single axial that is common with other companies. This helps it provide more depth so it can detect smaller relics that are underground. It also makes it easier to sift out the trash, so there is less interference, even in alkalized soil. More often, the coil is waterproof, which gives it an added benefit as it won’t get water damage.

Cons of Fisher Metal Detectors

The Fisher metal detectors are not without flaws, although the good, in this case, outweighs the negative.

Not Submersible

Many of the metal detectors by Fisher cannot be used underwater. This is a great inconvenience if you would like to do deep diving, whether in fresh or saltwater. The coils can withstand water, but if you use it lower, you risk damaging the control panel.

Gold Detection

Metal detectors require higher frequency to find gold nuggets better but many of the devices don’t have this. For this reason, you are less likely to find gold deposits, especially if they are tiny when using the Fisher detectors. This may force you to have to get the specialty equipment, which only makes sense to buy if you are sure there is something to buy.

Single Frequency

Most of the detectors by the company are single frequency meaning that even if they can be used in water, it is mostly freshwater. This makes it inconvenient when you are near saltwater, so you may have to reconsider the purchase.


Since it is the oldest company that makes metal detectors, Fisher has a lot to offer from years of experience. One of the best things about the devices is that anyone can use them and to get that at an affordable price makes it worth it. There are a lot of detectors on each level, so you have a lot to compare before deciding. Take time also to check user reviews as these may answer any more questions you may have about the equipment. Always remember to check the legitimacy of the seller so you only buy original products that will last.