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Fisher F44 Review

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Fisher are known for standing by all of their products, which is why I love reviewing their kit. I know that anybody who reads this will know they are going to be well looked after by Fisher, this product in particular comes with a 5 year warranty, there are not many manufactures that would be able to match that. fisher f44 detector

The F44 is ideally for an advanced beginner or an intermediate, somebody who has gone out metal detecting before. However if you are a beginner I would still consider this, you have a lot of room to grow into this and Fisher have gone to the effort of sending you a guide along with it. The guide will teach you the basics of detecting, a bit like my guide. I’m going to talk more about this later but there are no other detectors that I know of that will help you differentiate between gold and silver at this price point. For that usually you have to add another $200.

What are the key features of the F44?

  • Weatherproof – If you’ve been following me for awhile now you know I’m spending a lot of time out in the UK, the problem with that is the rain! This was a nice addition to an already strong detector. I don’t have to go inside when it rains anymore, I do usually but that’s just because I’m a wimp!
  • Manual ground balance – This is what help you differentiate between the different types of alloys such as silver or gold.
  • 5 Modes of operation – This allows you to specifically look for certain alloys and objects.
  • Beginners guidebook – This is a very nice touch which I think a lot of companies should introduce, not only do they give you a helpful manual on the actual workings of the detector. Fisher go beyond that and help you as a beginner find more stuff!
  • 5 year warranty – I can’t find any company that will match or beat this, truly how all companies should operate.

Pros of the F44:

We’ve gone over the key features, I’d now like to cover the pros in my personal opinion, not get the actual specifications of the product.

  • Weatherproof – I’ve already voiced my opinion on this however I really think it’s something I now expect from all detectors, but they don’t all deliver. Although it’s not submersible it allows for all weather detecting.
  • Weight – Only coming in at 4.8 pounds
  • Warranty – You really can’t go wrong with it
  • Comfort – Very comfortable, I used it for 4 hours without any problems at all




I’ve really enjoyed my time with this machine, like most Fisher products it does exactly what you want it to. I can’t find many faults but here’s what I did find.

  • Waterproof – It is weather proof however the product is not completely submersible, it would have just been nicer if Fisher had taken it to the next level and make it completely waterproof. The AT pro is waterproof so if you’re looking to do detecting in water I would recommend it.

Final thoughts on the F44

This model is really aimed at the beginner/intermediate market, which makes it perfect for my readers. I don’t get as many advanced hobbyists on this site, it mainly comes from the beginner/intermediate bracket to be honest.

The weatherproof element is great, not having to worry about it breaking if it rains or it gets splashed on. Nothing worth than spending $300 on something for it to break in the rain! You can’t go wrong if you’re just getting into this brilliant hobby, with a 5 year warranty it will last as long as you look after it.

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