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Fisher Metal Detectors

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review


The Fisher F4 is the latest model from the very well respected Fisher group, I’ve been excited to have a go with this for quite some time. I really wanted to try the F4’s ability to differentiate between something worth digging and trash, I’ve found too much foil for any one person!

I’m going to cover what is different about this model, what I’m personally excited about and also any flaws I find whilst using the product.

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Key Features:

  • High deep seeking auto tune with manual ground balance – visual target id by category – Allows the user to clearly identify if that they have found is trash, for example foil. This will help save time when deciding where to dig.
  • Numeric 0-99 readout – 11 segment digital target id – 4 tone audio id – This is the actual sound output that will tell the user what it is they’re detecting.
  • One touch notch – one touch pinpoint with numeric depth readout
  • 11″ Bi-Axial Search Coil
  • Recommended for: coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting – It has a great advantage over other metal detectors in it’s class, particularly good in public places where there unfortunately is a lot of trash.
  • Easy-to-use metal detector ideal for relic hunters and beachcombers – Really simple to use, it comes with a easy to follow manual and self explanatory buttons on the LCD screen.
  • 11-segment visual target ID helps differentiate trash from treasure
  • 4-tone audio ID; 2-digit numeric target ID with 0 to 99 range
  • Notch control lets you ignore select trash categories; 11-inch bi-axial search coil
  • All-Metal and Discrimination modes; weighs 2.6 pounds; 5-year limited warranty
  • Able to detect alloys up to 15 inches deep

What really impressed me with this detector is its ability to differentiate between materials, what I usually dug up was trash more often than not but after using this I didn’t on this particular day find any. I did pick up  some and intentionally dig it out to see if I could trust it. Turns out you can! On two occasions I made sure to check that I was in fact detecting trash, I’ve never been so excited to dig up foil! I don’t think I ever will be again either.

Fisher F4 metal detector

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Who Is The Fisher F4 Designed For?

This F4 model is really designed for the intermediate detector, although it is simple to use it generally has more than enough features intended for the casual person. It was great for me and by no means would I rule it out for a beginner it depends on your intentions. It has enough usability for any hobbyist, if you’re looking at becoming a serious detectorist then I would perhaps suggest something with more features. However for me it was ideal and the product felt great.

Fisher F4 LCD screen

Pros Of The Fisher F4:

  1. Being able to distinguish between metal and trash – This has to be my absolute favorite feature of this model, I’m going to upgrade to this permanently after using it for the day. The amount of time I will actually save my surprise you, as my main locations are public area’s I find a lot of trash which gets annoying after a certain amount of time.
  2. Weight – The whole thing only weighs 2.6 pounds, I was able to use it for a 6 hour stretch without any arm pains. It does take it out of you swinging around a detector for that amount of time normally.
  3. Warranty – It comes with a 2 year warranty so should there be any problems Fisher are very happy to sort them out.
  4. Price –  Coming in at under $400 it offers great value for money

Cons Of The F4:

  1. Honestly, I couldn’t think of any, I really do try my best to give you a complete overview but for the price I can’t think of anything wrong with this machine.

Final Thoughts:

I must admit I wasn’t expecting too much when testing this machine, I was just expecting a standard metal detector which would’ve been find. I was truly impressed by the simplicity and features, it does exactly what I needed it to do. I’ve searched everywhere and found the best price for all of you if you would like to check it out and also it has loads of other users reviews which back up exactly what I said. Check that out below.

Cheapest Price For Fisher F4.



Hi, my name is Richard, I've been metal detecting for nearly 10 years now. I first got into it after running into an old friend on the beach who happened to be detecting (Mind he didn't actually find anything whilst I was there), it certainly got me curious. Since then it's been my biggest hobby so I decided to start this website and help other people get into it.

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  • Fisher F4 metal detector is good for deep treasure hunting, we can use this metal to find the deep treasure.

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