Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review


The Fisher F2 metal detector is aimed at the beginners, it is very good at what it does. It does not try to break any boundaries and it very fairly priced for the functionality you get with this machine. It can easily detect different types of metals such as gold ring, silver ring, and coins, earrings, platinum, as well as necklaces and so on. It is hard to find anything that offers the beginner more value then the F2.

Fisher F2 is the first of its kind to be produced by Fisher in the F series production. This brand is ahead of others in terms of features and high performance. Many people regard it an entry-level detector. The product is not only attractive; it also retains all the features Fisher products were known for. Many people liked the fact that it is lightweight.

Fisher Metal Detector

The Fisher F2 is globally accepted because it offers the best in terms of performance. It is very easy and simple to use. It is the standard detector because it can solve your metal detecting needs. It is a versatile detector.

There are different models of F2 detector on the market, the most common ones among them include the standard model, and others are the detector with a search coil combo, and the pin pointer detector. The most popular model is the standard and it has 8 inches concentric search coil. The coil is not only waterproofed, it is equally useful for land and beach hunting.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a standard Jumbo LCD display. This guide you in identifying the metal depth and the metal type. Apart from the external headphone jack, which eases communication, it is fitted with touch pad controls.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Screen

This great machine has great features. Here are some of the features of Fisher F2 metal detector:

Fisher F2 Design:

The metal detector is fantastic in appearance and S in design. It is lightweight, as it does not weigh more than 2.6 lbs. It is yellow in color, and fitted with coil, display housing, and so on. It has a simple display, which is not difficult to read.

The features were meant to support its design objectives. It has a very sensitive and quick response target. Furthermore, it has both an audio and visual target identification features. Because of this, it was fitted with four audio tones, and eight visual segments. As said, its depth readout and the metal type identifying feature make things simpler for its users.

The battery life of this metal detector is outstanding. The batteries can last you for a long time. It is better to remove the batteries when they are not in use. This can prolong the battery life.

Pinpointing feature is another interesting part of this detector. You can use it when you have identified the spot you want to dig. This will help you to locate the exact spot the metal is located on the ground.

Fisher F2 Design
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Perhaps, the best thing that you are going to like is its coil. The coil as said is 8 inches, and it is meant to work in every situation. If you reside in a trashy area or you stay in a place that is close to a playground, you might consider investing on 4 inches coil.


F2 metal detector is portable owing to its lightweight. This is good because you can use it for many hours without getting tired. The arm cuff designs make it comfortable to use.

Fisher F2 is one of the fastest machines for metal detecting. If you use it, you are going to achieve a faster result. You can easily keep up the processor and identify your metals with accuracy.

LCD Display

You are sure to achieve an accurate result in identifying your targets. As you can see, it was fitted with a liquid crystal display, which is known for its accuracy in identifying any buried object. Some models of the F2 are fitted with an audio feedback device. This informs its user of the true nature of any hidden object. The users would be alerted of metal presence, and it will go further to classify that object. The LCD display will provide you all the information you need about a hidden object.

The battery is alkaline in nature and that is why it can last you for a long time. It is accompanied by a 5-year warranty. Using the product is not difficult, because the manual instruction would guide you on how best to use it.

My opinion of the Fisher F2

If you are actually looking for a superior metal detector, you have to choose the Fisher F2 metal detector.

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