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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Review

bounty hunter tracker IV

If you are relatively new to metal detecting, choosing the perfect equipment for your adventures may be difficult hopefully this review of the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV will help you make that decision. The good news is that there are quite a few detectors perfectly tailored for beginners who are committed to this]. One of the best entry-level tools that you can get is the Bounty Hunter TK4. It is packed with excellent features that will ensure you get exciting finds. Other than that, the price point is great at around $100, so you won’t have to break the bank for this one.

It has an easy to understand interface, so even if you have never used any other metal detector, it is simple to navigate. The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is a wholesome tool that will last you years without the need to upgrade. It detects most metals well and has an excellent sensor. This great device has a lot to offer, but if you are not sure whether it is best for you, read on to find out more about what you stand to gain.

Bounty Hunter Tracker TK4 Overview

This metal detector is one of the best devices due to its simplicity, yet when compared to many devices within its price range, few come close. The company that manufactures it, Bounty Hunter, has been in business since 1988, and since then, it has produced some of the best equipment.

With bounty hunter tracker TK4, you are not only guaranteed accuracy thanks to the three setting sensors but reliability due to great build. You are guaranteed longevity, no matter the terrains you choose to explore. It is a straightforward model to use, which is why it is suitable for beginners and intermediates alike. You may not need to do a lot of research on the operations or even read the manual aside from a few confirmations.

The TK4 is made for both land and water, so if you intend to go searching near water, you shouldn’t be too worried. It may have a few downsides, such as the fact that it is not fully waterproof, so if you’re planning on going underwater, this is not the best option. However, the pros outweigh the cons of this metal detector, and the price point it is a steal.

What to look for when buying a metal detector

Depending on your experience, there are some things that you need to understand are important before buying a specific metal detector. As a beginner or intermediary hobbyist, this may not include any complicated technical features, but the quality is essential. Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to.


When buying a metal detector, it is not always true that the more you spend, the better the device that you get. In many cases, the features have little to do with the price, which is why the bounty hunter TK4 is considered a bargain. Do not feel the pressure of buying more expensive equipment, especially when just starting. This is mostly since the essential detectors give you a chance to grow by understanding the simple operations.

Coil technology

This determines how well your metal detector will perform when searching for different metals and sites. It also dictates how easy it is to find a replacement that will work in the same way. There are three leading technologies used in the coil. These are Beat Frequency Oscillation (BFO), Pulse Induction (PI), and Very Low Frequency (VLF) operation. The BFO is the most basic, and it is what you will find in the more affordable devices. However, the VLF gives more to work with and would be better for intermediary hobbyists.

Type of water

Not all coils can be used in any water, so you should identify where you will be spending a lot of your time. If you have both fresh and salt waters near you, then ensure that the detector you get can be used in both cases. Most of the Beat Frequency Oscillation metal detectors are best for freshwater use only. This gives you another reason to check on the technology more keenly. If you intend to do some deep diving in salty water, it means you need PI coils, which will cost you more.

Sensitivity setting

This is one of the most important settings that should be on every metal detector, including for beginners. This is because it is the one setting that gives you direction for the different objects you may find. The dial can either be in the form of a sensitivity dial or discrimination. It will help you sift through the unwanted objects so you can find more meaningful treasures. However, if you intend to find some ancient relics, then you may want a detector that also has the all-metal setting so you can still discover some iron finds.


It is always a good idea for the metal detector that you buy to have different audio profiles. This is important in helping you realize whether you are going closer or further to your target. Also, check for devices that also have a headphone jack to minimize noise pollution. It may also help you in keeping better track of your finds when out in the field.

8,387 Reviews
Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
  • Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode
  • Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
  • Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions

Who can use the Bounty Hunter TK4?

Those who are experienced in metal detecting may find this model to be a bit basic, depending on how much they search. This also greatly depends on what someone is looking for, so the choice is ultimately yours. The following are some of the considerations to decide whether the Bounty Hunter TK4 is for you.


This metal detector is suitable for users of all ages. However, it is a bit long, even in its least setting. For this reason, it would work for anyone above five feet tall. It only weighs about 4.2 pounds; hence it is light enough to be used by everyone. Therefore, you can buy it for your child if he or she meets the height requirement, and they should use it without issue.


Anyone can use the bounty hunter TK4 since it is quite advanced yet straightforward. It packs features that can be used by anyone regardless of experience. However, those that do metal detecting often and have done so for years may find the operations quite basic. It may also be a bit complicated for young users who are just beginning, but after a few uses, one gets used to it quickly.


The metal detector can be used both on land and water but with a few restrictions. It works well for shallow waters, so this is not the best equipment if you want to go on a deep dive adventure. The tool is only water-resistant, so using it underwater will only damage it. On the ground, it can detect metals up to 10 inches deep, and with discrimination, you can find much more.

8,387 Reviews
Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
  • Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode
  • Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
  • Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions

Features of the Bounty Hunter Tracker TK4

The most important thing to check before buying a metal detector is what it has to offer. This will help you determine whether it can satisfy your needs with little help. Check for the most immediate qualities that you know will come in handy when on the ground.

If you are serious about metal detecting, it would be a good idea to think about what you may need in the future. It ensures that you won’t have to buy another tool too soon from the first one you get. Below are some of the most notable features found in the TK4 to help you decide whether it is the one for you.

Metal discrimination

If you are not new to metal detecting, you know that it is easy to find a lot of trash when out in the field. This can be things such as bottle tops, pins, and other worthless items. If you are looking for more valuable metals, the discrimination setting is essential since it directs your search.

The discrimination on this metal detector comes in the form of a dial that allows you to twist it when you come close to various objects such as nickel, silver, and zinc. While the dial helps avoid useless items, it is not as steady, and it may take some time to get used to it.

This is why it is recommended that you try it out first. You can do this by finding various metals and seeing how well it directs you toward what you want. The beep sound tells you that you have reached your target. That is the sound you should look for even when out in the field. If you are not sure, turn down the dial to the lowest setting and give it another try.

Ground Balance

This is an incredibly important feature that you need in any metal detector that you use, especially when searching in highly mineralized areas. Many of the more advanced tools usually have a dial where you can change the balance depending on the field. However, the preset option that is available in the Bounty hunter TK4 is better for beginners and some intermediary users.

Preset means that you can’t change it, so it’s an advantage, especially when searching low mineral areas. On the downside, the fact that it is unchangeable means that it can become troublesome when you visit highly mineralized zones. The sensor will be on high alert in places such as salt lakes and even beaches.  If you choose to check out such areas, you may need to have your hand on the sensitivity dial.

Sensitivity Dial

The sensitivity setting on this metal detector is essential since it helps you find the right signal for what you are searching for. You would believe that it is always best to have the setting on its highest, but while that helps, it comes with challenges. When the dial is set to the maximum, there is a likelihood that you may pick up signals from trash, such as iron, as well as mineralized soil. This can easily distract you from your search.

To use this dial effectively, take note of the different signals that you get when the setting is at its highest. If you find yourself with a lot of different sounds without a clue of what the detector is sensing, reduce it to the lowest. Once everything is quiet, start increasing the sensitivity, then you should have a more precise signal of your finds.

All Metal Mode

This mode applies no discrimination at all, so you get an alert whenever your metal detector comes across any metal. The all-metal setting is excellent for use in war sites or other areas where you are likely to find relics. This is because some of these finds may be iron, so if you have your discrimination on, you may ignore them.

There is only one tone produced when it senses any kind of metal, so it may be difficult to use where there is a lot of junk. It is impossible to tell the type of treasure you have found until you check it out closely. This is why it is easy to waste time with this device.

Target Meter

It is sometimes difficult to identify the kind of treasures that you find and how close you are to them by following the audio-only. If you are searching in a busy and noisy place, you may end up not discovering a lot of relics, so it helps to have a visual. On the control panel of the TK4, you will find a meter that marks from one to ten to show you how close you are to your target.

This is more helpful when you have the all-metal mode on since you get only one audio signal that may be difficult to understand. One advantage of continually monitoring the meter is that it is visible both during the day and night. Even if you have vision problems, don’t worry, since you can be sure that you will see the needle.

Audio Profiles

When you want to better your search without using discrimination, you can always use the tone mode. This is different since it doesn’t help you identify your finds, but it gives you two audio sounds for when you are searching. The noise is either low when you are far from the target or high when you are very close. However, even in this mode, iron is filtered out, so you won’t get any notification when you’re searching for iron finds.

When you use this mode and check on the meter, you have a better chance of identifying relics that are closer. If you are not a fan of noise pollution, especially if you do your search in the mornings and evenings, you have the option to connect your headphones. Using earphones can be particularly useful in noisy places, and you want to pay attention to the signals.


Just like any other metal detector in the price range, the TK4 is battery operated. Depending on the type and strength of the cell that you are using, expect at least 15 hours of use. Therefore, it is excellent to carry on camping trips, and you can be sure that it won’t die on you. There is a battery meter on the control panel that will tell you exactly how much juice is left. However, it is always a good idea to carry an extra set just in case.

Large Coil

The coil is the central part of your metal detector, so it needs to be the correct size and use the best technology. The one on the bounty hunter TK4 is quite simple but highly sensitive so you can discover some valuable treasures. It has an eight-inch concentric coil which can detect small objects up to eight inches deep.

The coil is also waterproof, but you cannot use it for deep diving. The waterproof feature comes in handy when searching through marsh and wet grass. You may use it in water but only shallow waters such as at the shore of a lake. If you happen to damage the coil, you will be happy to know that you can replace it without having to buy a whole new device.

Pros of the Bounty Hunter Tracker TK4

Other than the incredible main features that set it apart from the rest, the bounty hunter tracker TK4 has more benefits for you. These are some extra points that will allow you to compare it with other competitors in the same range carefully.

Adjustable Height

You can change the height of this metal detector, which makes it suitable for use by anyone. It can be used by people who are five feet to six feet without issues. It is easy to adjust and will hold well, so it doesn’t shift often.

Padded Arm

If you enjoy going out for long walks when searching for relics, you shouldn’t worry about getting tired since the detector is light and padded. The padding ensures that you don’t injure or mark yourself when you are out in the field for long. It is more comfortable and efficient to use, unlike the unpadded ones.


The bounty hunter tracker TK4 comes with five years limited warranty. This covers any manufacturing issues that it may have, including coil replacement. However, it is only valid for the first owner of the metal detector.

Deep Tracking

This metal detector can sense objects that are up to eight inches away, whether that is on or underground. The marker is also pretty accurate, so you won’t need to search for long for you to find your treasure.

Detects All Metals

Many beginner devices can only find a limited amount of metals, which often doesn’t include gold and silver. The TK4 can detect all kinds of minerals, whether they are in the form of coins, relics, or jewelry. While it doesn’t show what type of metal has been detected, you can be sure to get some valuable finds.

Detailed Manual

Many people find operating a metal detector to be quite straightforward. However, that is not always the case, especially for younger users, so having a manual that explains everything is priceless. The 16-page guide gives complete details of everything you should know from the hardware to the different settings.

Cons of the Bounty Hunter Tracker TK4

While there is so much you can benefit from this metal detector; there are a few limitations that you should also take into account.

Volume control

Unfortunately, you don’t get the option to adjust the audio volume to your liking. The volume on this device is a bit high, so if you are searching in a relatively quiet place, it may cause pollution. For this reason, you should use the headphone jack to reduce noise.

Analog display

Many of the metal detectors in this range often have a digital LCD for showing different components. However, here you get an average option that doesn’t show much more than target and battery.

Target ID

The metal detector could have included a target ID to help with identifying objects. This is an essential feature for beginners as it helps them not spend too much time on useless objects.


The Bounty Hunter Tracker TK4 is one of the best beginner devices in the market since it packs helpful features. There is a lot to gain from buying this metal detector that you may not get from other equipment in this price range. It stands out because it gives you a little bit of everything, even though some features are not as premium.

Many of the points where it lacks are features that you may have to spend more money on. The sensitivity and discrimination modes are some of its more exceptional qualities, which will come in handy anywhere. With the help of a simple pinpointer or even better knowledge of the terrain, you can be sure that you will get the best finds with this device. It is one of the best-rated metal detectors, so while compiling your list of tools, this is worth including.

8,387 Reviews
Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
  • Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode
  • Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
  • Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
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