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Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Reviews

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Review


There are many in the Bounty Hunter range, but today we got out hands on the most popular of the lot, aimed at beginners and children it is the perfect way to introduce anybody to the hobby. We have also reviewed the Tracker model here.

The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is a metal detecting gadget which can be used by anyone, ranging from Kids and teenagers to adults in finding coins or any small metal objects that might have disappeared. However, it is mostly advised for kids and teenagers because they tend not to mind the missing display screen that could come handy by displaying the depth of metallic objects that can be found under the earth. For the price, the bounty hunter is one of the best metal detectors for value for money.

This metal detector has been recorded as the best selling metal detector by a number of leading online stores, making it one of the most preferred metal detectors. The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is a perfect choice for the age bracket mentioned earlier and people who are starting to take the hobby a notch higher. This detector will help you find very precious gold, silver or any other type of metals such as coins, household items, and jewelry.

Bounty Hunter Package

The product is compact and was made to detect large objects which are 2 feet deep, and objects the size of a coin up to 6 inches deep. Among the features that make this metal detector the best choice is because it comes with lightweight and also has an ergonomic handle which will enable you to sweep it around for long hours without getting tired.

Features of the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

1. Advanced Detection/Trash Eliminator.

This detector has excellent features which include its advanced method to detect any metallic object. The method used to detect metallic materials by this metal detector is the beeping sound that can be heard if it detects any metal. The beeping will with time make the user get familiar with the sound. As you keep using it over time, you will be able to separate trash from metal with the different sounds the detector produces.

2. Sensitive Meter.

However, this metal detector comes with a very sensitive meter which acts as a guide towards any metal detected. It provides a visual cue whenever you come near to your target.

3. Light Weight.

The bounty hunter metal detector is light in weight hence providing an ease of use and comfort during long hours of sweeping it on the ground to detect metals.

4. Closed Water Proof Coil.

It does not take one rocket science to understand that electricity and water do not go along. However, it has been made to provide users with a safe detecting experience even in damp grass or shallow water with its 7’’ closed waterproof coil. This ensures users are safe from electric shock while using the metal detector in wet areas.

5. Headphones.

The product comes with a headphone jack and headphones which are an additional advantage. Use of headphones when detecting metals increases privacy and also sensitivity to tones. Apart from that, it also comes with durable and long lasting batteries.

6. Depth Detector.

This feature enables the metal detector to discover small metals up to 2 feet deep on the surface and objects such as coins that are 6 feet deep. The depth in which the detector can detect metals makes it easy for users to get even more out of the experience.

Bounty hunter metal detector screen

Pros of Bounty Hunter

· Inexpensive.

Unlike other metal detectors, this type of metal detector is affordable. Therefore, this works to the users’ advantage because they are able to find whatever they might have lost using the detector. You can imagine the joy of how a $40 gadget can help you detect an expensive gold jewelry or any other valuable metallic items that you may have lost.

· Easy To Carry.

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is made with light weight material, therefore, giving it a light weight that is not a bother to users. It also has an ergonomic handle that allows you to swing around without straining or rather getting tired. The headphones that come with the metal detector can be carried around the user’s neck as he/she goes about detecting the lost metal pieces.

· Uses Batteries.

The metal detector uses 9-volt alkaline batteries which can easily be found in various retail shops. The batteries are cheap and easy to fix as well.

· Easy to Operate.

Many users will find that using the gold digger metal detectors is very easy with simple built in and little set ups that will be needed before they are ready for use. The only thing users have to do is to fix the batteries and connect the headphones to the detector.

Cons of The Bounty Hunter

· Time Consuming.

As much as the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is light, using it can sometimes prove tiresome because users are required to swing the metal detector slowly from one side to the other or they could miss an object.

· Can Cause Hearing Problems.

The headphones used while detecting metal objects does not come with volume control, therefore, can harm your ears because the tones can be loud at times.

· Expensive Maintenance.

As stated earlier, this kind of metal detector uses 9-volt alkaline batteries to operate. The metal detector drains the battery quite quickly forcing you to do frequent replacing which can prove expensive.

I personally would advise anyone looking for a perfect metal detector to start in metal detecting activities to purchase the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector which is very easy to use and also serves its intended purpose effectively. This type of metal detector also works great in many environments, be it on soil, grass or even at the beach.

However, the detector has its downsides as it cannot switch through modes when on use, therefore, users are limited to one form of operation. Another thing is that the missing display screen deprives users the privilege of knowing how much deep metals are with the beep only. The beep is the same for objects with large masses and small coins, therefore, creating confusion at times.

Despite the few disadvantages, the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is still the best choice for anyone looking to enjoy metal detecting as a hobby or even to detect lost metallic items like jewelry. If you’re looking for a higher range metal detector, check out our Garrett metal detector reviews.

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