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Best Places To Metal Detect 2020

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The opportunities for locating treasures using the best places to metal detect are endless and limited only by your imagination, but to make it easy for you I’ve gone ahead and listed some of the best places in my experience below.

The key element is using it in the right places! Because, while there tons of places to find coins, gold, relics, and buried or hidden treasures; some sites are more productive than others. Hence, you need to know the best type of places to go detecting.

And when you’re going detecting, one simple thing you want to keep in mind is that; to locate treasure, you must go where people have been, where they lived, where they worked and played(from way back to present times).

And the reason is simple…

People lose coins, gold, relics all the time. Many valuable treasures are also buried and, for unknown and sometimes circumstantial reasons, they are never retrieved. All these present countless opportunities for you! So, you want to go to these places and be the one to find the spoils!

To make your search more effective, you should determine what you are searching for and then conduct a little bit of research to identify the most promising and productive treasure hunting sites(based on where people have been, where they lived, where they worked and played) to detect. This little research would help streamline your efforts; and you’ll be able to ascertain where to focus your hunt on, depending on what you are searching for.

In this article, I’ve created a list of the best metal detecting locations that are generally more productive for treasure hunting:

A Crowded Beach:

The beach has consistently proven to be one of the best metal detecting locations due to numerous human activities that have taken place over the years.

So, that favorite beach of yours can be a real gold mine.

Timing is of the essence however, as the best time to go there is immediately the crowd has left for the day or going in the morning before everyone shows up. And the good thing is, digging on the beach sand is simple and easy, especially with a beach metal detecting sand scoop.

And if you’re using a metal detector like the Minelab E-Trac Metal Detector; which can be used underwater or in shallow water, you can schedule your visit for when there is a low tide, so as to locate items that sometimes get lodged near rocks as the tide disappears. However, if you are detecting in or near the water, ensure to play safe by knowing your tide tables, as you don’t want to get caught in an incoming tide.

Also metal detecting after a storm portends a lot of opportunity, as there is the high likelihood that objects which had been stuck underwater are now brought to the shore.

best places to metal detect


Another place that has consistently proven to be one of the best metal detecting locations; especially when it comes to coin-shooting are churches. They hold the oldest coins as they are often times the oldest buildings in the community.

Every Sunday (from time immemorial), churches have been hosts to a large number of congregants who gather weekly.

This constant visits and activities over such long periods of time means an opportunity to locate treasures that people have lost overtime; making the church a very viable place for metal detecting.

Deserted and Abandoned Towns

There’s a caveat here: most deserted and abandoned towns have been hunted to death with not much left to find. The key to effectively exploiting deserted or abandoned towns is finding the ones NOT well documented.

Once you can do that, deserted and abandoned towns can be one of the best places to go metal detecting. They hold hoards of treasure (especially old mining or transportation towns). With the trading activities that used to happen, it is possible to find old coins. And not only would you find old coins but other items of a bygone era.

As stated earlier, the key is to find the ones NOT well documented. And to do this, you’ve got to ditch Google maps and instead use other methods like talking to locals, the elderly or driving around yourself.

Bear in mind however, that might have been turned into protected areas by the government with some restrictions. So, be careful not to trespass.

Parks & Campgrounds

Parks & campgrounds in older areas are usually productive places to detect. These places have been utilized for various activities over the past years. And like most highly productive areas for metal detecting have had tons of people throng to and from them, hence giving you a chance to locate valuables that may have been lost as a result.

Beware of local authorities policies in some places though. You want to make sure you follow their laid down rules or you risk confiscation of the metal detector.


Older school yards, especially activity areas such as baseball, soccer, football fields, etc can be ‘HOT’ areas for metal detecting.  Be sure to check not only the action spots but also around the field as the audience can leave behind plenty valuables as well.

Also, modern school grounds are a great place to find modern coins. The key is to go when class is not in session and look for activity centers or large areas where students like to sit on the grass.

Bear in mind however, that permission is important. And if you leave gaping holes in any field, you will be asked to leave.

Your Backyard

If you live on a property that is older than 1965, then your backyard is a great place to metal detect. You have a chance to find some valuable US silver coins lost by previous owners.

Also, your backyard offers you an opportunity to practice, especially if you’re new to metal detecting.

There you have them; the best metal detecting locations. And while this list is by no means exhaustive; they give you a good head start on your metal detecting journey.

Don’t forget to record your finds so you know what areas are producing more than others.


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Hi, my name is Richard, I've been metal detecting for nearly 10 years now. I first got into it after running into an old friend on the beach who happened to be detecting (Mind he didn't actually find anything whilst I was there), it certainly got me curious. Since then it's been my biggest hobby so I decided to start this website and help other people get into it.
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